A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1


Season variations for rabbit statues :slight_smile:


Is it possible to improve the addition of items to the craft queue at the beginning of building construction?

For example, I begin to build a carpenter’s workplace. The house contains several of its fittings. And if you start building before placing the workbench, then the queue for items will not be filled.

My suggestion is to allow items to be added in the queue, even if the menu is locked.


The ability to quickly change the order of the queue. Here is a schematic example.
One position up / down and top / bottom


Having the ability to save camera positions would be really neat to record time lapses. Might also encourage streamers to do so and to promote the game.


Would like if these events did not pretty much always trigger at the exact same second
feels like something is wrong with it when it triggers same time so often



The ability to quickly change the order of the queue

While there are no arrows to change queue order - you can still drag and drop the item, as far as I remember :thinking:


correct, but that never did work smoothely. arrows would actally be nice, even if it was only a change location with the one above, sort of thing.


It has historically not worked well, but that’s one of the things they’ve been specifically working on in the latest patch or two.


Yes, but it was uncomfortable before. And now when the number of positions in the queue increased from 30 to 200, it became even more inconvenient.


Also when you have more than 50+ lings it’s become kinda hard to check every bed spread


Here a strange request:
Improve the flies effect over rotten food ;p Right now the fly is just going back and forth, with the new cubemitter possibilities there is room for improvement there.


I haven’t tried any version after the last stable alpha (so sorry if this has already been fixed) but in that one it was still hard to see details in terrain that was only lit by ambient light, so I’m going to resuggest my old solution to it.

If you’re worried that it will make the whole game darker then the effect can be made more discreet by moving the range of the ambient light closer to 1 (by for example changing 0.25 and 0.75 to 0.1 and 0.9, though I haven’t checked now if those are good values). Even a small change in shading on different sides helps.


A way to save a full roster of Hearthlings (5) from the embarkation screen or an option before you place your flag to go back to the map selection screen. That way we could fish for maps with landmarks we wanna build around.


@Max make the road tool, follow same method as mining tool, can only go 40 length and width, built a massive road cause major lag lol(too much AI decisions). if hearths follow it like the mining tool, they will build it in sections


Also helps when you realise you’ve made a mistake while building a huge road, and have to demolish the whole thing and start again… :sweat_smile:


would also be good if the road tool does not act likea building but literally just changes one block for another (so it stays minable) should also fix the whole cant-mine-the-blocks-under-the-road problem.
then again then i wouldnt know how to apply the road speed buf…so eh.


a bit curious if the wolf cages been fixed yet so they are not outside their cages?

Have not reached there yet but been broken forever so thought i check with you guys :slight_smile:


as per yesterday’s playthrough: still broken


a bit confused with the hearthlings building 3,4,6 blocks at a time they do build 3 but not always depends what way they build for example

this row here at top right side they only did 1 block at a time but walls was 3 blocks at a time

Template Affected

building_templates.zip (31.9 KB)


I’ve noticed this too, where they will build 3 blocks at a time vertically, but only a block at a time for flooring.