A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1



The various T3 ‘throws’ (Blue golden throw, coral etc… have icons which would indicate they are wall mounted (just as tapestry and painting etc) as opposed to the horizontal style icon for floor coverings (such as carpet/fur rug etc).


Should the wrought iron gate and the flower fences really be in the ‘decorations’ category rather than with all the other gates/fences in ‘construction’


Sometimes in the building editor, two items (particularly noticeable with decorations and windows) will get placed in the exact same location. Only noticeable in the list pane of items in the build.


‘Wall Crest’ (an item which will crash the game on attempting to place it) is still available for purchase from Cloth vendors


Are these final icons? They look so out of place compared to the other arts.


Yes, those are conversation bubbles icons for abstract subjects, which follows different art style guidelines than icons like traits and buffs. They’re meant to be very simple and readable


Being able to combine two templates.
Select template 1 and hold shift select template 2 click “merge button” to merge them to be the same. This would help a lot when building big things that for example needs many towers or anything many times it would save a huge amount of time to not have to rebuild an exact copy 10 times ect :slight_smile: might be to big for a 1.1 but would love this either for 1.1 or a MOD to fix this


It would be nice if decorative item placement in the builder functioned more similarly to the item placer tool outside of the builder: outside of the builder you can place items on one another (with certain restrictions) but in the builder, anything that’s not a building piece is filtered out of the _location_filter (and then also checked against in the server build service add_fixture). Presumably some sort of “placement structure” reference would need to be added, perhaps doubly-linked so the builder could easily determine a proper placement order.

Of course these item placement bugs would probably also need to be addressed for this to function properly.


It is possible to use the hole tool on an existing building and put a hole in it. It should not react to that, the realization is really scary.


That… may unintentionally answer the hopes and prayers of hundreds of players hahaha! But yeah I can see what you mean, it could cause all kinds of issues if players aren’t careful.


Change the wood traders so they instead of selling just oak and juniper logs, they sell wood resources, which would allow all logs to appear in his shop (acacia, cactus, pine, palm, modded logs).

Edit: this below got implemented
And with the above, unique thumbnails for each wood type, right now they look all like this:
Only the palm log looks different cause I modded it.

Edit: Just got the icons from the saved_objects folder, here:
cactus_log cactus
pine_log pine
palm_log palm
acacia_log acacia
juniper_log juniper


I noticed rabbit statues do not cast shadows, why? Any other plans for them?


let us set resolution ingame not sure why this had not been added yet its kinda basic for games so would love for this option because sometimes you might go for a lower resolution to get better performance.
If you play with 1440p or 4k you might wanna lower to get it perform better and changing in a text file is not an option to be user friendly :slight_smile:


wait, there wasnt an ingame resolution setting? how have i not noticed this XD?


I guess you never noticed it because it’s basic in any other game to have it :smiley:


Lower Volume for Battle Music
i wouldn’t mind if battle music was lowered quiet a bit it’s just not balanced with the rest of the music


Selecting an entity from a non-normal UI mode (e.g., building mode) causes the UI mode to switch to normal, but doesn’t reset the menu selection. This results in a weird situation particularly with building mode where you have to click on the build menu button several times to get it to sync back up with the UI status.


I figured it would be neat to have the option for seasonal variations of depleted models :3


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I hope some of the other sections in the modding guide are going to get updated. I especially look for the art workflow section.


I’m trying to finish them up before Christmas :slightly_frowning_face: Might have to update the online guide after 1.1 if I can’t finish everything before the stable version. The team is helping me with the advanced stuff (Lua code and the like).

I feel like the remaining sections are going to be a bit rushed, but I hope they’re still helpful. The art guide also will take a while to finish because I need to explain a bit the properties in the files (for the effects), in case there’s people that can’t run SHED for various reasons.

Also I’ve seen that Blender 2.8 will have a completely new UI, so I hope the Blender add-on still keeps working in the future! :worried:


For me, the main purpose of the guide is to kick start new modders that are unfamiliar with the code. The more advanced guides are kinda of a grey area cause at that point the modder probably got enough autonomy to keep on his own.

That said, I noticed in the part about the voxelshop export settings, it is outdated. Those setting were related to the old .qb format, before optimizations. I did a pull request on voxelshop project and the author did updated the recommended export options there too.