Slow UI in r923

Please make this faster to pop up it takes about 1-1.5 seconds which is very long for UI to react
Pretty much click and object in the world and lower left corner takes way longer than it should take to pop up

Make herbalist prio treating wounded soldiers over crafting queue

They already do. Do you have an example where they don’t? :thinking:

How many hours had you been playing when you noticed this? Does it happen in a specific savefile right after loading it? I wonder if it could be caused by mods.

They did not on my town right now. Both soldiers was in bed but herbalist just kept crafting for me.
Maybe just a rare bug or timing but will see if i notice it again

It happens early game. it’s really slow to open up bottom left ui window for objects clicked in the world. it should be near to instant not 1 sec delay which makes it feel like game is lagging because its so slow

If you click on the soldier on the bed, do they have the “Recently treated” buff?

That’s strange, can’t repro here. Are you using many mods? I wonder if it’s some sort of conflict with security applications again. Do you have any errors in the log? :thinking:

disabled every single mod it still is slow from start of game when clicking objects

I might try to install avg or avast for fun to see if that can change anything. using windows defender atm

by the way how do i do those segment replies that you do to reply per section :smiley: ?

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Select the text by clicking and dragging with the mouse, then when you release the mouse you should see a “Quote” button on a corner of the text. Click on it and it should add the fragment to your reply box.

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Thanks i report back once i have tried a bit with other security software such as AVG and Avast. Which one are you using?

Windows defender.

i tried with AVG and i tried moving game from Samsung 840 SSD to Samsung 860 SSD with same results.

For fun since i keep old build of this game on my PC to return to i tried an older version and clicking objects on that one is instant not sure how it degraded so much in performance :S i also have 170 fps compared to new client that has 60-70 >_<

Older version is named develop-2955 :slight_smile:
sometimes i almost wanna play these old versions because of how bad performance has taken a turn

:disappointed_relieved: sad to hear. I can’t seem to reproduce this at all, for me it’s instant.
I have no idea what could be causing this.

What’s your PC setup and are you also on Windows 10?

Yes, Windows 10. At home I have an i5 at 3.2 GHz, 8GB RAM, and GeForce GTX 750 Ti.

On this other laptop (W10 too) I do have an SSD, an i7, much more RAM and the graphic card is a bit worse. It’s likely my graphic drivers are not up-to-date, though :slightly_frowning_face:

I normally play windowed mode and with vsync enabled.

If we disregard the lower FPS, the issue you mention is slow UI, which I think either it’s caused in the UI process or perhaps something in the server/client communication is going wrong. Does it still happen if you run the game with Steam logged off? Or run the game in 32bit?

tried both did not change anything for me.
you can see that the “board” loads up first then text pops in after its really weird

@Banto I moved the conversation to a new thread.

noticed after :slight_smile:

also im gonna try few things even tho i dont think they will help.
Clean Stonehearth install without any saved templates or save files 5GB or screenshots or mods.

made a back up tho so i wont lose my Youtube Town >_<

Interesting i just did this clean install and for me atm it’s near instant
i wonder if there is some sort of issues with having to many save files or saved templates that makes it slow

Maybe something went wrong when it updated :woman_shrugging:

I can tell I have too many savefiles in this computer from Discourse bugs :joy:
But that only makes the Save/Load UI be a bit slow when refreshing.

As for saved templates I don’t know. How many do you have? I could try enabling a ton of template mods from the workshop :thinking:

Not sure i will have to check there might even be some old templates in there from before the new building system was added. Says 464 files i guess divide it by two because half is the images :smiley:
I wonder if keeping some save files in there inside of Compressed Winrar files can cause issues or not tho because i see i have a few ones there i have that inside my saved_games folder also and inside building template folder


Nah that shouldn’t cause issues, I also have leftover compressed folders in there :slightly_smiling_face: