In save game menu's lagging

So i am experienceing this weird lag where your are playing your save and its not the game itsself that is lagging but the menu’s ie, crafting menu’s hearthling menu’s etc that are taking 5+ seconds to load, which is weird cos as you are waiting for the menu to load up the town is running like normal, I dont know how to replicate this as its random but i have around 23 hearthlings atm and even when they arent doing much it still happens.

I saw on desktop tuesday how multithreading is hard and i just upgraded to an 8core cpu, is there anyway to get around this as my pc is only running 17%cpu and 35% cpu capacity when this is happening…

EDIT: also forgot to say that sounds play up as well, for instance when you click craft or a menu the sound doesnt happen sometimes as well as warnings for monsters or music which can be a bit off putting when all of a sudden a hearthling is being attacked with no warning, also mobs are spawning inside houses which i dont know what is caused by that.

Version Number and Mods in use:

Save file:

System Information:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8core 2.3GHz
GPU: 1070ti
Ram: 16gb
Windows 10 Home 64bit

For me it’s happening over time. GUI slows after playing for 40-60 minutes so I just save the game, restart SH and load the save. After that all runs smoothly

Yea i was about to test this too XD will see if it helps

If it’s just the UI slowing down, you can try hitting F5 to reload it without having to save and reload the whole game.

Edit: Mods can definitely make the UI slower. If they’re just adding things like templates or craftable items, stuff that is automatically handled by the existing UI, they shouldn’t cause the UI to slow down, but anything that actually adds UI elements (like my UnitFramePlus mod) could contribute to it.

oo okay ill give that a shot, reloading did help but if that can be avoided even better