Game almost unplayable after midgame

Hello guys,

first of all i really do enjoy the game a lot. Right now i am struggling with Performance issues.

My Rig:

Ryzen 7 1700 no OC
GTX 1060 6GB
16GB Ram

The game was installed on my SSD after i got those issues the first time.
The thing is, after i hit the mid game, the game becomes almost unplayable. The UI is reacting with a delay of 1-3 seconds and its really laggy overall.

Is there anything i can do to improve that? Ive read a few forum entries and started to decrease tasks like Cooking, crafting etc. but to be honest it didnt change anything for me.

Would love to play the game without those performance issues.

best regards

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Do you use any mods? Are you playing the stable (r860) or the unstable version?
Does the lag go away if you restart the game and / or reload the savefile?


Sounds like mods that put load on the UI.

Are you putting up too many jobs for your hearthlings? Try to minimize those and prioritize having 1 “global” task rather than several

Thanks for replying.

No i dont use any mods so far. I am using the vanilla version, i didnt sign up @steam for the unstable version ( i guess this is done by signing up in the steam properties of the game itself? )

Well the only things i am queueing up are

Herbalist : Maintain 10 Healing Potions & 5 Bandages
Cook : Maintain 15 VegStew 10 Gourd Curry and 5 Flat Bread

Thats it.

Just checked it, restarting the game ( played today again ) fixes it for a while. Game still doesnt feel smooth tho.

** Maybe its worth to mention that the game told me several times that the UI had a critical error aswell as some random errors appeared throughout the game which i clicked away. After the UI reloaded everything was “ok” again. Performance still not smooth at all **

I really love this game and would love to run it smoothly :smiley:

yes, under betas set it to “latest”
the performance was greatly improved in there so when it moves to the main stable ver you should have less lag (i could jump from 15/18 max heartlings to 34 :crazy_face: not a great pc)
over playing time your lag was common to all but it was mostly fixed

WOW. To be honest i never thought of this answer. I will try it immediately after this session. Mining btw. totally wrecks up my performance if i have 20 Hearthlings and like 4-5 are mining while others are doing their daily stuff. Will try and give feedback here, thx for the answer!

EDIT: The new unstable build is really enjoyable, it crashes sometimes but the performance is good overall. But sometimes i get an “Engine Error” after that the game is “playable” but the performance decreases drastically overtime. Restarting the game fixed it for me

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