Massive frame rate issue/drop

So i’ve been playing for 5 hours give or take and i had a guy “Reward” me for removing all goblin wolves and after his dialogue my game FPS has dropped drastically. Some “Reward”.

I can scroll/move through the world as if normal, even dialogue comes up fine but the speed of the hearthlings is a snails pace

Is this a known issue?

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I had something like that, but it happened after some mining.


If it’s like the problem I have it’s not a “frame rate” issue but it’s to do with the simulation rate. Does it seem to run smooth for a split second then stop for a second? If you click on the little color bar thing on the bottom right, does it show the blue one, Lua, using about 99% of the simulation process?

This is the problem I have and it seems to save it with that towns save file. It’s happened a few times to my saves. It goes away with a new game but has happened with 3 games so far. Nothing in particular seems to cause it but I get constant building errors. I only just started playing yesterday so I’m un-installing and re-installing game and graphics drivers to see if it changes anything.

My specs:
Windows 7 x64 (game in x64 bit mode)
Intel core i7 @ 2.67GHz
18GB Ram
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX750Ti

i have the same issue as above really hope they will come with a fix cus want to build a big city not have to create a new game all the time for my game to play smoothly

I can’t check the bar at the bottom right because i’ve started a new game sorry.

My “Quick Fix” is saving every 5 minutes, so i have about 10 save files and i’ll rewrite over the oldest one and if i do get a problem (Which i have been a lot) then i go back a save. It’s very frustrating at the moment which is understandable but i would defiantly recommend to anyone, regardless to constantly keep saving as i keep getting multiple of different bugs but reverting to a old save “resolves” the issue

Redundancy is a good idea. That can help track the bug down too. Do you take the same steps you did before when the game slows down after you reload and have the game not slow down? I guess that would make it hard to pin-point if we can’t find a common cause. I hate these bugs the most. If you ever get slowness again, check on that process meter and if lua is the only thing running please verify here. Perhaps a script is caught in a loop or something that takes a long time. I dunno how to look at the lua state and I haven’t looked into console commands yet to see if something helps with what is happening in the lua vm.

i get an error about the shepard and then tried to remove that job from my worker but that did nothing they are all just stuck and going everyslow my hole game is slow and its using alot of RAM and CPU while the bar tells me that LUA is using 98% of all.

And it does not help to restart the game its from where i am now and its just right before i get the new wolf quest or get told about the wolf from the man :smile:

Yesterday’s update was supposed to have fixed many errors. I’m certainly seeing a lot less. I can actually play the game with minimal distractions with the newer error system too! According to what I read about it the errors were accumulating so much that Lua was taking up 100% processing time. Not sure if that’s the same problem I had. I saved one of my sluggish games and ran it with the new build, saved it ran it again. It’s still very slow and using mostly only lua but not 100%. I get these two errors. ignore the x/8, they are all the same two errors in sequence, I made sure to compare them all.

This may just be a corrupted save though, but I thought it might be good to see if it’s still an issue. I’ve been playing for quite sometime trying to replicate the bug and it hasn’t happened yet. So it may be fixed. Hope everyone else doesn’t get it again!

It seems that gf1979 did what I was looking for. I’ll try to replicate the bug, but I hope I won’t b able to do it.