Frame Rate Drop when entering the Game

Uhmm For some reason most of my friends are having this problem i dont seem to have it tho but i just wanted to ask the community if anyone else is having this problem ? and how do you fix it

hey there @happyfeet,

could you perhaps provide a bit more context? is the game having frame-rate issues all the time, just at night? how many hearthlings do you have? perhaps a screenshot of the town having frame rate issues?

No2 8bit my friend said its not when hes playing the game its when he enters the main menu i should have said that i am a dumb2 XD but yeh he said he was having a slight framerate issue when ever he enters the game main menu but after a while it subsides

ah, well that’s strange… not sure why you would be getting frame rate issues on the main menu…

i said that to him to but he said that nothing is amiss his computer is pretty new he baught it a couple of weeks ago and yeh he has that slight minor issue with the main menu

well ty i guess you tried to help and i am very grateful and so is my friend

gosh i’m tired, i actually meant to page @Albert in my last post, see if he knows why frame rates would drop on the main menu…

no problemo mate, i’m here to help :smile:

well if you find the solution pls tell would be appreciated the discord community would also be very pleased