Getting into the game

Ever Since the Alpha 23 update I cant get in the game. It just goes black when I click play on steam. And yes I did make exceptions for both files in Stonehearth (One was in a 64x folder, other in the folder before it). Please help.

Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers? I know there have been some recent updates for Nvidia graphics cards.

Unless there was one around 3 days ago I just updated it last week.

Well there is a new one. Thanks! I’ll try StoneHearth soon. Tell you how it goes.

No problem! Always the first thing I do when a new update gets pushed :smile:

Ah. I should probably do the same. I don’t know why I didn’t download it when I was getting like 20 fps in Stonehearth. Same thing happened in multiple games. Had100 frames drop Idk why it didn’t occur to me.

An unrelated thing. I was messing around with my computer and game settings last night and turned off v-sync and the game was running so much more efficiently. I’d suggest trying that out if it’s on and your getting frame drops :wink

I meant like I usually get like 60 fps but I was getting like 20fps after the driver came out. I already had Vsync on.

It’s unfortunate my computer can’t handle anything above the minimum graphics settings once my populations past a certain point. But smooth gameplay wins out over pretty visuals.

On the other hand I am considering getting an upgraded machine just so it can run Stonehearth better.

Turns out the problem for the black screen was a mod that was outdated. This is the first time I’ve used mods so go figure…