Low Performance (0,1 FPS) on loading menus

Since patch 3378 (the one introduced the new C menu). I’m having a heavy performance loss any time the game opens a menu that loads Hearthlings or objects. (I mean 5 to 10 seconds of frozen screen)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load any menu or object inside this menu;

Expected Results:

  1. Load any menu or object inside this menu;
  2. Instant load or moderate time on frozen screen.

Actual Results:

  1. Load any menu or object inside this menu;
  2. Experience 5 to 10 seconds of frozen screen;
  3. The game returns to run and it seems the game itself didn’t freeze, only the screen.

This bug includes (so far): the pioneer’s menu and anytime I reroll one or multiple Hearthlings, any crafting menu and ordering any object, opening the C menu and clicking on a Hearthling (inside or outside this menu)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Since patch 3378, without any mod.

System Information:
OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3612QM CPU @ 2.10GHz 2.10GHz
RAM: 8,00 GB (Usable 7,87 GB)
System type: OS 64 bits, processor based on x64
No entrance for pen or touch screen.

That’s interesting…so the issue only started occurring for you with dev-3378, and you were OK before that? To the best of my knowledge, none of the underlying tech was changed for the new citizen’s menu, just the visual UI. @linda might know if there were any back-end changes for this.

Thanks for the detailed system specs. Do you have a dedicated graphics card, or are you using the integrated Intel graphics. Also, is this a laptop or desktop?

It is a laptop and my Graphics Chipset is AMD Radeon HD 7730M.
Edit: Yes, before this patch the game was doing all these tasks just OK. I guess a fair amount of performance loss could be felt in those situations before, but it wasn’t something near as what I’m experiencing right now. And it didn’t use to interfere with the entire screen each time I selected a Hearthling or ordered an item to be crafted.
(I’m sorry if my text is difficult to understand.)

Upgrade to a better Laptop/Gaming Laptop is Worth it.

Good news for me. And I need to say “I’m sorry” to you. I’m really really sorry, it wasn’t your game’s fault at all.
So, long story short. I’ve got to refresh my Windows (because it came to my knowloge that my computer were infected by a vírus). Since I did it and re-installed all drivers the game is working like a charm! ^u^
(It happend that my PC must have get infected at the same day I played that new patch or my drives weren’t properly installed)
Thanks for your support by the way! =)


No need to apologize. We’re happy to provide what support we can (certainly limited when it’s a computer issue, not Stonehearth). We appreciate you coming back with details on the issue! #resolved