Gamespeed lag - slowdown ( unknown issue )

hello there,
i have a huge issue everytime i start a
game its lagging after a while, the hearthlings
do not move smothly anymore but the camera
moves fine … is this issue known ?

maybe there is a fix ?

Welcome to the forum, @wiremcc :slight_smile:

Which Stonehearth version are you playing? It’s the first time you play the game? If not, have you experienced this problem in the previous version too?

By ‘everytime i start a game’ you mean a new game, or also when you load a saved game?

Also, could you post your system specs (CPU, RAM, Graphic card, OS…)?

this happens to me as well when my settlers count gets to 13 - 15 heartlings :weary:
the devs did say something about fixing the performance soon thou

Yes save games and new games Iam playing the current version that is available on steam

It happens with 8 hearthlings and 22 hearthlings I don’t know what is causing this issue … I’m sorry I can’t help in this way :frowning:

I’m using a Lenovo y500
LENOVO IDEAPAD Y500 MBG3DGE Notebook (39cm (15,6"")Full HD Core i7 SLI Grafik 16GB RAM)

No its not the first time but this issue happens the last 3 or 4 updates … Unfortunately