Running Slow out of no where?

It says I have played 170 hours on my steam account and I have never experienced this kind of slow lag. Its like they are moving in slow motion and I tried to restart my computer and its fairly new so I don’t think it is my computer. Also have not downloaded anything new laity, Stonehearth was the last game I downloaded.

More information will be needed for anyone to help.
If you upload your save and your PC specs, someone will be able to get to the bottom of your problem :smiley:

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How do I do that? I am not sure what PC specs you will need. I have a Windows 10 HP with a processor: AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5, graphics 2GHz, and the system type says 64 bit operating system with a x64 based processor ?? Does that help

Welcome to the discourse @rabisch3 btw :smiley:

Instructions on uploading files to discourse.

Stonehearth is usually bound by processor and then RAM. The better the processor the better your game experience will be in general with stonehearth, as it is very calculation heavy. RAM will only play a factor when you have less than 4GB and 8GB with very large games.
Looking at your PC specs, I would have thought your games will be bound by your Processor. Mine are and my CPU’s benchmark is higher than yours :disappointed: My game always slows down during the 25 - 28 hearthling range, do you have similar issues?

(I have no experience with AMD so the benchmark is all I have to go off)

I would also advise setting all the graphics options to the lowest, in particular lights and shadows as these will exponentially increase the strain on your GPU.

What are the slow downs like, is it just slower in general or is it large spikes of lag?

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Thank you. It usually lags around 25-30 hearthlings as well for me. But this is a new game I started so I only have 9 hearthlings right now and it just started lagging today. )-= It starts out just fine, and then like 10-20 minutes in to the game it lags. I restarted a game three times. Then I realized it wasn’t going to be fixed by doing that. )-=

Something I’ve noticed recently, if “baddies” spawn on a level other than the one you are currently building on and have no way to reach your level, the game starts to bog down.

The solution I’ve found was to build ladders up (or down) to their level so they can attack. (I guess they get so upset they start messing with your framerate) It’s worked multiple times for me, and I’ve had up over 40 little guys on a map with no slowness at all.

Good luck!

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Yes I think this was it because now it runs just fne. I build my town up against a hill and the bad guys couldn’t get down. VERY frustrating to figure out lol Thank you