A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1

I noticed rabbit statues do not cast shadows, why? Any other plans for them?

let us set resolution ingame not sure why this had not been added yet its kinda basic for games so would love for this option because sometimes you might go for a lower resolution to get better performance.
If you play with 1440p or 4k you might wanna lower to get it perform better and changing in a text file is not an option to be user friendly :slight_smile:

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wait, there wasnt an ingame resolution setting? how have i not noticed this XD?

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I guess you never noticed it because it’s basic in any other game to have it :smiley:

Lower Volume for Battle Music
i wouldn’t mind if battle music was lowered quiet a bit it’s just not balanced with the rest of the music

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Selecting an entity from a non-normal UI mode (e.g., building mode) causes the UI mode to switch to normal, but doesn’t reset the menu selection. This results in a weird situation particularly with building mode where you have to click on the build menu button several times to get it to sync back up with the UI status.


I figured it would be neat to have the option for seasonal variations of depleted models :3

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I hope some of the other sections in the modding guide are going to get updated. I especially look for the art workflow section.

I’m trying to finish them up before Christmas :slightly_frowning_face: Might have to update the online guide after 1.1 if I can’t finish everything before the stable version. The team is helping me with the advanced stuff (Lua code and the like).

I feel like the remaining sections are going to be a bit rushed, but I hope they’re still helpful. The art guide also will take a while to finish because I need to explain a bit the properties in the files (for the effects), in case there’s people that can’t run SHED for various reasons.

Also I’ve seen that Blender 2.8 will have a completely new UI, so I hope the Blender add-on still keeps working in the future! :worried:


For me, the main purpose of the guide is to kick start new modders that are unfamiliar with the code. The more advanced guides are kinda of a grey area cause at that point the modder probably got enough autonomy to keep on his own.

That said, I noticed in the part about the voxelshop export settings, it is outdated. Those setting were related to the old .qb format, before optimizations. I did a pull request on voxelshop project and the author did updated the recommended export options there too.


A small change in /ui/shell/select_game_story/select_game_story.less removing this max-width: 729px; from the #gameModePicker {} rule, to match the kingdom and biome picker popup size.

Right now, this is the size of the difficult popup, making it hard to see the 4th difficult, almost missing it entirely.


Bugged Search Boxes?
I have noticed many times when designing a house if you click the box where you search and then click away from this box if you press ctrl+z it will start searching in this box as if game does not know that you deselected the search box. It’s really frustrating when it happens and it’s the same with the box for searching building templates.
Been like this for a very long time now.

Which box, the one for the furniture or the one for the templates?

both of those boxes behaves very similar but furniture box is the most annoying when using the search box
feels like game is missing the thing “he has clicked outside of this search box so we should not have this search box active anymore” and then pressing CTRL+Z after should not start typing in box

seems that if i use the search box

then click outside in the world or place a block on building which should deselect that search box then CTRL+Z will revert the typing every time i press ctrl+z rather than the building. It will remove however the very last added block but if you continue to press ctrl+z it will only remove letters in search box.

It’s the same strange behavior with this search box

Any news if we will be able to set resolution in the future inside of our ingame settings?

Unfortunately we’re not gonna be able to add this change at this point :slightly_frowning_face:

This change was added in the latest build. Thanks for the suggestion!

Nooooh :frowning: is it not quiet simple to add tho?
Can modders do it?