How to speed up crafting?

Hey! Just tried to speed up crafting. I tried to set “work_units” to 1 (originally it was on 8) but it didn’t make a real difference. I tried to find a value for the speed of the crafting-animation but I couldn’t find anything. Could you - such a nice community - help me? That would be really nice! :smiley:


Unfortunately i dont think there is a way to speed up the actual time a crafter takes in making something, i think the herbalist is the worst one of them in the time area since it takes a long while for her/him to make a bandage or healing tonic. Atleast from what i have noticed.

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The work units are heavy dependent on the animation. And basically tells how many times that animation should play.
A hearthling hammering something (mason, blacksmith, etc…) is a really fast animation, they can hammer around 4 times in a second, so 4 work_units is around 1 second.
But other animations, like the “fiddle” (herbalist use that one) takes a long time, 1 work_unit is already ~1 second.

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Hm I tried to modify the speed of cleaning ambers from @Chabonit’s Jeweler mod because I get a ton (and my system is really laggy. If I have too many crafting operations at once my hearthlings don’t get their paths calculated (I have to pause the game so they can calculate) so I tried to let them craft it super fast but It doesn’t really work. Is it possible to shorten the animations? without too much work*