Questions concerning A23 entities

Hoping a dev could discuss the “effort” in recipes as well as the “appeal” for entities in relation to how modders should adjust their mods for these. And I should point out I don’t want to reveal any spoilers and any clarification you can give would be greatly appreciated.

As for craft_items_orchestrator it appears that the “effort” will replace the “work units” in the future and give us a cool progress bar (maybe?) but in looking at the current recipes there doesn’t seem to be a good correlation between the two and definitely appears to multiply by level.

Sort of the same for appeal in that there doesn’t seem to be a hard gauge in the current entities. I see items range from -30 up to 120. As an example the Ogo’s Bone Mace is -12 but if it was displayed as a trophy (as in my mod) I would assume that it would no longer be repulsive to all hearthlings.

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Effort is the replacement for work_units, yes. This is to separate the speed of the animation from how long it takes to craft an item, so we can make high level crafters craft faster. Work units were how many times the crafting animation was repeated in order to craft an item, but effort has a different formula. Old modded recipes should still work because we added default values for “work_units”, but you’ll probably want to update them to use effort instead for the future. There’s not much correlation between the two, the effort was tuned manually since work units use a variety of animations that have different lengths (so for the same work units, a crafter using a “hammering” animation took less time to craft than a crafter using a “fiddle” animation, for example).

As for appeal, it’s a matter of design. You can use any value you consider depending on your entities. You should only add appeal value to entities meant to be placed in the world, either crafted or spawned (food / bandages / weapons / armor / etc don’t have appeal).

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The effort is based on in-game minutes, so a 60 effort will take 1 hour to craft.
It is variable based on happiness, level and tiredness
A 60 minute craft can be worked on 25 minutes in the best case (happy, high level crafter), or 90 minutes in the worst case (sad, tired, low level)

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Thanks @Relyss and @BrunoSupremo and with my limited scripting knowledge that is what it looked like. My two follow-up questions would then be is there still going to be a level requirement in the future? As an example a level 1 carpenter could make a level 6 item but would take 6x as long? And also will there be a failure percentage like there is for fine?