Effort Based Crafting - Crafting Station Influencing

I just watched the Stonehearth Dev Stream 262 on Youtube and I’m really excited about effort based crafting.

@Brackhar wondered, how to determine which and how many (and how much) decor objects can influence the effort generating speed of the crafting station.

If I recall correctly, the game tracks material and other qualities of items in “tags”. Would it be possible/feasable to determine influencing decor objects by matching these tags?

For example: a Mason Workbench could demand for “stone”, a Carpenter’s Workbench for “wood” and/or many other things; objects with that tag could then count for that.
(I’m going for a theming bonus here. For duplicates there should of course be some other mechanic implemented, IMHO)
In my opinion, this system could be flexible enough to both encourage individual playstyles as well as be adaptable for modders.

Dear @Brackhar, love your touch to the game so far, the best people are among those, who fill a spot that nobody realized they couldn’t live without. (I really hope that reads as the big compliment I intended…)
Stonehearth, already my favourite game in the world; and only getting better!


Thanks for the kind words! And yeah, I think we’d end up tagging support items in the way you suggested. That seems to be the easiest and most flexible route to move forward with. Now just to figure out the UX questions on how to represent what is supporting what.