Can place-able items be used as crafting resources?

Can place-able items be used as crafting resources?
For instance, could I make a recipe that uses a chair as a resource?

For example:

3 x Cathedral-Arch Chair
1 x Wood resource
1 x Thread resource

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Yeah you can do that. But you will need to add a new material to be sure that the crafter uses that chair.

So if you want it to say ‘cathedral-arch chair’ as part of the recipe in the crafters menu, then you will need to open the arch_backed_chair_ghost.json file and add cathedral-arch to the material tag (chair is already listed in the tags):

  "stonehearth:material" : {
     "tags" : "wood furniture chair crafted cathedral-arch"

After that, you will need to add it to the recipe of the item you are making:

     "material" : "cathedral-arch chair",
	 "count" : 3

Hope I explained it clear enough!


You certainly did. Thank you.


@sdee and I had a back and forth about this but I cant find it. Its better to create a unique tag for the proxy so only unplaced items get used, otherwise wired things happen.

Do you mean I should do this instead of a tag for the ghost file? Or both?

So lets sort this out:

No, dont do this, just dont. Tags tell several things, they say what stockpile to put the item in, they are also a unique call for that item in materials. Found the post:

Due to the new file structure, that way no longer works (atleast not for me). As far as I know, the iconic version of the item is the one in the stockpile, but adding material tags to that file doesn’t work.

That the crafter takes already placed items isn’t necessarily a problem when you make sure it has unplaced ones closer by. I agree, not ideal but it is a solution until we find a better way.

Although perhaps @sdee has a suggestion to make it work? :slight_smile:

Except crafting materials arnt chosen on distance, its random so having unplaced ones close by does nothing, they still may go and take a bed that has been placed and has someone sleeping in it (if you used a bed).

Ah didn’t know that. While I was testing it seemed to use the one that was closest by.

But then I agree that it isn’t a viable way to do this.