Animation time speed up

is there a way to change the speed at which animations are played or how long the animation lasts for?
because I would like to be able to make Heathlings Mine faster from something like a mining potion.

Yes. In the effect file that calls the animation, you can edit the animation speed:

   "type" : "effect",
   "tracks": {
      "animation": {
            "type": "animation_effect",
            "start_time": 0,
            "animation": "run.json",
            "loop": true

The above effect will run 3 times faster than what the animation would normally. You can go below 1, like 0.5, to make things slower, it is just a multiplier.

You can make a new effect that calls the same mining animation, and just make the new one faster.
I guess the hard part will be how to call the correct effect file based on your potion.

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