R/stonehearth - Mod question: Where are action speeds specified?

Hello, friends. If you’re familiar with the SH core script, please take a minute and see if you can answer my questions above. I appreciate your help!

_radiant refers to the C++ library. The code is unfortunately not open source (despite my best efforts), but you can see an automatically generated list of available API types and functions in the PDF linked here.

The details of the AI are described here.

Action intervals are implicit - the action continues as long as the run() method hasn’t returned. For compound actions, the run() method consists of the sequence of its sub-actions’ run() methods. In practice, the speed is controlled by the animations. I believe there is a way to specify an animation speed multiplier as an argument to the action that starts the animation itself.

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Thanks so much!

I saw a multiplier for movement speed in 1 of the luas, but I didn’t see animation speed anywhere. I’ll try to find a way to get the arg to multiply animation speed. Appreciate your feedback!

ACE applies some modifiers to animation speeds with the improved worker tools and some other equipment, you might want to check that out.

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