Quick modding question about Ranged weapons

Alright so i have a long bow and i want it to fire slower then an normal bow.

This code:

“stonehearth:combat:ranged_attacks”: [
“name”: “archer_1h_shoot”,
“effect”: “archer_1h_shoot”,
“active_frame”: 60,
“cooldown”: 0,
“priority”: 0

I already changed the active frame to make the attack aniamtion slower. Can i just add a cooldown to it so there will be a longer period between shots?

And if so what is a resonable number?

And if not what way could i make it slower?

Thanks in advance!

I think the numbers represents frames, in a 30fps game. So 60 means 2 seconds.
I can’t confirm, but I remember that active_frame is a way to synchronize the action with the animation, basically at which point of the animation should the arrow actually spawn and start moving towards the enemy, meaning if you make it 0, the archer will spawn the arrow even before pulling the bow string.
And the cooldown is the time between attacks.
For the actual flying speed of the arrow, that is changed in the arrow json


Thanks for the info!