Super slow speed for designing

Super slow speed for designing


As i do spend a LOT of time designing my buildings (not that they always get better of that reason) I usually pauses the game when putting down all the blocks and that is of course a fine solution but also a bit of a dull feeling that everything is at hold.

So I thought maybe a “Super Slow” function would be a nice addition to the “Speed control panel” to get the feeling that I’m actually designing really fast, plus it would look cool.

Maybe this is already possible in some modding form or in a console cmd

Please let me know what you think about this Idea. Or if it is already possible.



Hey there @joshua426, welcome to the Discourse! Interesting idea, but I am honestly not sure if the game simulation can be slowed down…it is already at “speed 1” be default, and I do not believe the code will accept a number less than one.

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in theory it would just be a matter of intentionally slowing down the speed of the simulation it may not be as simple as changing a variable from 1 to 0.5 but its certainly possible.

An advantage of slowing time down even more than we can now could be helpful for dealing with idle Hearthlings, maybe even in the future after performance improvements are done (hopefully), so the the CPU has more time to catch up. Might be a drag, granted, but playing Dwarf Fortress can get pretty slow, too. Or was that just coincidence that they stopped idling when returning to normal speed?

Thx a lot for giving my idea some thought, Yes I was hoping to just do a “speed = 0.5” cmd some were :smiley: but guess its not that easy.
I can certainly enjoy the game without this feature, and now even more knowing that my very first post on discourse was taken seriously by friendly people. :slight_smile:


You can do it with the user_settings, but that would affect the entire game :sweat:

Put this inside your user_settings:
"simulation" : { “game_speed” : 0.5

you can use 0.25 or other values, if you want.

It’s funny to see them go slow-mo :smile:


Aaaaaah; one thing to note here!

They’re animated at 30 Frames per second (FPS) and that value is absolute.
so if you speed it down even a little, their animations will become choppy

It’s not a functional disadvantage, but really wouldn’t be a pretty sight (it’ll look like they’re lagging)

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Wait; wait wait wait;

They don’t get choppy?!
Oh come on! If the engin could animate in-between values in animations, it could’ve made my job waaay more easier!

What do you mean by this?
When you use 3D programs for animation they calculate the values, so you just have to set a couple of keyframes and the animation will be magically done (still pretty tricky).

If the game can be played in higher speed, it can do it in slower speed. (I admit there was the risk of choppyness but…)

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I mean; the Animation file (the .json for animation files)


so if it’s a 1second animation there’s 30 keyframes for every matrix

This; kinda make me assume it needs raw value to use it


I can assure you that it doesn’t get choppy. :slight_smile: Even when the game runs at 0.1, the animations are still smooth.

I suspect that, somewhere, there is a lerp (linear interpolation) calculation going on to determine a model’s position in each frame.


just tried out the

“simulation” : {
“game_speed” : 0.25

worked exactly as i had hoped :slight_smile: (no choppynes)


Now this is a good idea, but alternately you could just hit the pause button xD That’s what I do anyway. It will stop all of the “simulation” complication.

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As I describe In the Start :slight_smile:

I usually pause the game when putting down all the blocks and that is of course a fine solution but also a bit of a dull feeling that everything is at hold when making a big design :slight_smile: