Slow UI in r923

I just added every single mod i had and its still near instant i will move onto adding my templates and then saves to pin point the cause :slight_smile:

I guess could just been some old messed up file breaking game for me before. Not sure if there is perhaps a file that would be worth for me to send to you like some log for the install that is slow or not

Added saves
did not cause any slow downs to this ui element

Okay slow downs are caused when i add back my saved templates


Not sure what to do about it tho if it’s specific templates causing this or if its the amounts of templates.
I really hope it’s not the amounts causing it because i dont feel like deleting and adding them back over and over is solution

If you split them in 2 groups, add one of them at a time, and check if it behaves the same it could hint to a faulty template (although if there are many, it’ll be harder to detect).

If it’s the same laggy behavior, you can try like, selecting a number of them (idk, 100, and if that’s not laggy add another 100, etc) to verify if there’s a specific amount that’s the threshold where it starts to become laggy.

Do you really don’t get anything suspicious in the stonehearth.log?

stonehearth.log (16.8 KB)

another one after a new game again
stonehearth.log (12.7 KB)


Not been able to pin point any specific templates tried split in half and stuff and remove all templates older than 2018 but same results :frowning:
I really hope this is not a game limitation because i want to have many houses like many others also

I really don’t get why this would even affect ui performance when not even touching the templates

Was this happening in the previous builds for you as well, or is it new?

happening in previous builds to i know i told chat about it one livestream some months ago

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Thanks for the detailed report! We were able to repro this with a bunch of templates. The template list was being reconstructed every time you clicked on an entity which is why the unit frame was being slow too. This’ll be fixed in the next build. :slight_smile:


Awesome well done guys thanks a bunch :smiley:

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This really did fix quiet a lot of trouble overall speeding up the ui with the fix even when building houses and for multiplayer it should help a lot to with all entity clicking :smiley:

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Thanks so much for investigating this with us, and for sharing the templates :slightly_smiling_face:

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