[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



:smile: awesome thanks for fixing it Kai and keep up the great work love the mods :smiley:


Looking forward to more streams, especially now we sort of have town progression back up etc XD


Hehe yeah indeed :smiley:


Next Twitch Stream this Wednesday 7pm GMT+2
Lets have another chill, fun and creative night together again :smiley:

Link to stream found at first post



Going live in a few min with Stonehearth on Twitch


Skogshultet #12 - Viking Town
Hope to do a new livestreams someday soon again. a bit to many school projects atm


Skogshultet Ep #13


:skull: Candledark III Adventure :ghost:

Never got to play this one before so this be my first playthrough of Candledark :smiley:


-grumbles about moving house and thus not having time for the banto vid, but I want to waaaatch :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe :smiley: your moving to a different house?


Happy Cakeday @Banto :cake:~!


:smiley: Thank you :slight_smile:


Candledark III - Cute Glowing Plushie Ghost :jubilant:


Yep, me and my gf are going to live togeather and thus moving to a bigger house, closer to both our families too :)… But damn thst takes a lot of arranging and energy :’)


Awesome i hope it goes well :slight_smile: that’s also my plan for 2019 to move together it’s gonna be much better then.


I’m Back!
New Kingdom of Bantonia


Tree’s at the Town Square

New Episodes

Each Home a bit more Special
thought i do a suggestions on Youtube to keep many houses very similar but still give them their very own touch which will save a lot of time and make sense of how the town will end up :smiley:

also thanks for @pingu balancing home sweet home :slight_smile: this was recorded before these changes however more gold for Banto :moneybag:

a Living Town Square
got some nice suggestions as always from comments to improve town :slight_smile:

Weavers House at Town Square


Didn’t know it was snowing in desert biome :smiley:

Starting too look cold :snowflake::snowman:

Wow they are many building on this house :jubilant:


Bantonia’s Blacksmith
finally back after about a week of being sick damn you winter season :smiley:

Quick Access to the Mountain with Banner of Cunning
gotta use those perks :smiley:


Goblin Slayer

a New Milestone for Bantonia
It’s time to Upgrade the Hearth