[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Dubbing the First Knight

Zilla is Here!
a Flaming Beast :open_mouth:


OGO Skullbonker is Here!
It’s time to cleave those Goblins to pieces :smiley:


:snowflake::snowman: Merry Christmas Everybody:snowflake::snowman:
Hope you all will have a great Xmas with lots of great food and enjoy some quality time with friends and family
Leaving Friday so wont be very active here between Friday and a bit after Xmas :jubilant: :snowflake::snowman:


Merry Christmas :santa:


Visitors from the Capital
home for a few days before leaving for the New Year again.


Kingdom of Bantonia #15
The New Year is getting closer so tomorrow 29th i will leave for a few days and return the next year which I’m looking forward to experience with new goals :slight_smile:
There might be 1 or 2 more episodes that goes live after i leave preuploaded.


do any of these include a ruler XD? -sniggers- just kidding though banto, they are fun to watch anyway :slight_smile:
too bad about the chimney accident though, kinda surprised that happened to you, i always check down my chimney pipes if i can see floor to check if i aligned them well XD


Maybe next one will maybe :wink:
Yeah i was kinda surprised as well tbh and so was santa when he tried to deliver presents :santa:


Last episode
Until next year :hugs:


Bantonia is Back in 2019
New episode and many more with Stonehearth and some other games coming soon.
Really looking forward to Hytale and to make videos with it.


Tavern / Inn Speed Build
got recommended to do one and it was a good idea so i thought i make it a bit bigger and made a speed build with it. Most likely adding some chimneys after this video if i can find good spot :slight_smile:


GirlFriend Doing a Speed Build of a Candy Clock Tower
She wanted to try do her very own video and she has pretty much never really played Stonehearth but i think she did fine considering how little experience she has :jubilant:
She likes a lot of colours so she made this Candy Clock Tower


the true question though: is it mint chocolate flavour, or marbled cake :stuck_out_tongue: ?


takes a bite :moon_cake: :smiley:


Bantonia gets a Tavern
adding the Tavern from the Latest Speed Build

Scouting for New Places to Mine Gold and Coal :pick:


Speed Build Bantonia Bridge
it was finally time to get a bridge. i first thought of making it with more curve but changed my mind and made this :slight_smile:


First Livestream of the Year :jubilant:


More of a Kingdom
Today i show the New Walls, Towers, Gate and Church that i have been working on to make this Town more Complete


Friday 19:00 / 7pm
Saturday & Sunday 18:00 / 6pm
All times in CET

link in first post of this thread


About to go live on Twitch :slight_smile: