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Hello everyone i run a YouTube channel which has heavily been focused around StoneHearth and i intend to make episodes of this game over the Evolution of the Alpha, Beta and Release of it.

I really enjoy StoneHearth and i love to create creative things in StoneHearth and to Manage my town.
I also take requests from people who would like to become a part of my towns and i think it’s really fun to add real peoples name suggestions to my towns
I see such a huge potencial in this game and having all the dedicated modders, this can become something amazing and huge in the future.


Twitch Livestream


StoneHearth Alpha 15 & 16

StoneHearth Alpha 14

StoneHearth Alpha 13

StoneHearth Alpha 12

StoneHearth ALL

Shared Templates
Brown House Big
House Template Banto 001.zip (32.1 KB)

Weavers House
weavers_house_banto.zip (37.8 KB)

blacksmith_banto.zip (29.5 KB)

Viking Hall
viking_hall_banto.zip (38.7 KB)

banto_church_2016.zip (40.8 KB)

Big House Chimney Red Roof
banto_chimney_redroof_2016.zip (31.4 KB)

Herbalist House
herbalist_house_banto.zip (27.0 KB)

Renaissance Red Roof
Renaissance red roof banto AH17.zip (29.5 KB)

Kaldor Farm House
Farm House Kaldor.zip (40.8 KB)

Kaldor Blacksmith
KaldorBlacksmith.zip (25.6 KB)

Silverrock Carpenter’s House
carpente house alpha 18 banto.zip (41.9 KB)

Berryden Fort
beryden_fort.zip (51.7 KB)

Tortuga Marketplace
Required Mods
Archipelago, MaraRose´s Containers, Settlement Decoration
tortuga marketplace banto.zip (77.4 KB)

Arkas Templates
arkas healers house.zip (43.3 KB)
arkas hotel.zip (53.9 KB)
arkas resident 1.zip (29.1 KB)
arkas statue.zip (23.2 KB)
arkas resident 2.zip (39.4 KB)
arkas_gate_a19.zip (32.1 KB)
arkas_wall_tower.zip (23.7 KB)
arkas_wall.zip (17.1 KB)

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to drop em :smile:


Building a Keep

In this episode i want to create one of the big structures that will be in this City.

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Finally getting a Weaver so i can craft their Clothing & Beautiful decorations!

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Alpha 13 Finally!
I have been sick and wanted to record this forever now and finally i start this New Alpha
Love the New Desert Biome and all of our New Crafts.

StoneHearth Alpha 13 | Raya’s Children | Ep 1

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Rayya’s Children Ep 2
Exploring the Desert

Link to YouTube Video

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Rayya’s Children Ep 5
Building the Stairs to Reach the Mountain :smile:

Link to Video

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Started with Alpha 14

StoneHearth Alpha 14
Episode 1

StoneHearth Alpha 14
Episode 2

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Livestream Town 2016-01-21
I livestreamed today again and i think i will continue with this and build more Towns together with the viewers so we built this with some Creativity and with tips from the viewers to get their view on it aswell was a lot of fun:)

The Town
To the left there is our Tavern / INN and next to it a small two story house with overhang with pillars under and in the far back we got a big resident for a lot of people and this also uses a overhang for second floor.

To the right we got a Farm going on with a big farm house where i store Food Resources at.
The Tavern also has a backdoor with a small supply house where i store food in Crates.

Bugs / Glitches
Ran into a lot of strange things while streaming like the Battle Music restarting 50 times in 7 seconds or so was kinda hilarious :slight_smile:

If you would like to join in on the Next Livestream the Link is below
Twitch Livestream Banto

I will livestream other games to but i will most likely stream StoneHearth often.


New Town from Latest Livestream
Really liked how this came together :slightly_smiling:


StoneHearth Alpha 14 | Ep 7 | Planting Trees

So finally i got down to planting trees for the first time in StoneHearth :slight_smile:


man… i really need to start watching your series again


Alpha 14 | Ep 8
New Tavern
Decided that i wanted a New Tavern fort Hopesong


StoneHearth Alpha 14 | The Statue
Thought it was time for a new statue

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Some Screenshots from Current Alpha 14 Town on YouTube

Most Recent Screenshot of Hopeshaven


Going Underground
Decided to give it a try to build a cellar for one of my houses

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Storage House
Thought it was time to get a real storage house for the city

New Better Weapons
It was time to finally get a Blacksmith for this Town

Trappers Shack
Got a Request to Build a Trappers Shack :slightly_smiling:

Alpha 15 | Ep 14
StoneHearth | Building a Crane House

Still sick but finally got a new episode out :slight_smile:
ran into some problems with this new project

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Town Protection
Got a lot of request from the viewers to make a gates and walls so here we go:)

Nice let’s plays. I started watching you (and subscribed to you) on Alpha13 Episode 1. At some point in the future, when you have room, can you add Rizzano as a hearthling? Thanks! and if possible make me a footman or a blacksmith. If not, no worries.

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