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Hello all ! :wink:

This is my differents building template.
I did it for my new city, the buildings contain modde furniture

Hope you like it ! :smiley:

Mods : fornjotr - settlementdecor

Templates :

I would put the post a day when I would have access to more functionality :smile:
And… Sorry for my english… If you want to correct it please let me know :blush:


First off, welcome to the Discourse :merry:

I love how much you’ve packed into this template, it has a lot going on but doesn’t feel cramped. I’ve never really used “terraced” houses in Stonehearth before, but this one makes me excited to try some out!

You should get a higher user trust level soon (it increases through normal activity, and getting likes on this post will help!), but if there’s anything you can’t do just now like uploading more images you can always talk to one of the moderators and ask them to bump up your permissions – they’re happy to help out for people who are trying to get more involved.


Hi ! :smile:

First of all, thank you for your message, it makes me happy.
Then, for the permissions, I do not master English well, so I could wait for him
I will continue to make more houses, because you love it! :slight_smile:


Hi @Arklydh :merry:

If you dont know this site yet, then go take a look and please upload your templates aswell:

It gives the players an easier access to all the builds.
Thank you :merry:

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