[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Episode 2 of Skogshultet is up
This is a Livestream episode but i have divided them into 1hr bits to be more watchable :slight_smile:


Skogshultet Episode 3 - Livestream Vid
Really enjoying streaming lately so this is probably going to be something common now to see more longer videos from Livestreams but of course also still videos that’s not from streams :jubilant:

More parts will be coming this week


Portal Knights - Stray Chest Event

Not Stonehearth but a very nice game that i think many stonehearth players could enjoy



Next part of Skogshultet Livestream #4 is Up


Going Live on Twitch


New Episode with Skogshultet - Viking Town Ep#5


hey @Banto got a new stream planned sometime in the future ? (they are always fun :stuck_out_tongue: )


Next one will be Early Next week :slight_smile:


Next livestream coming up tomorrow! :slight_smile:
Then i will continue working on our Viking Kingdom Skogshultet


New episode from a previous livestream is up and anoher comes up at 11pm GMT+2


Going Live on Twitch With Viking Town


Meeting the Bunnies !
First time i actually meet them myself even tho i played this game so much :jubilant:


Some screenshots from Viking Livestream Town

Upcoming House


Wow amazing structures. :open_mouth:
Really love your building designs


:smiley: Glad you like it and yesterday me and @Wouter_Sikkema kinda fixed the Town Progression in a strange way so i look forward to build more on this next week on Twitch.


Amberstone Bunnies :jubilant:


Viking Bunnies :rabbit::heart:


Moar Viking Bunnies - Livestream Episode
More Twitch streams coming up this week and also more normal episodes alongside


Just to let people know, regarding the errors that appeared in that episode, I fixed this heirloom bug in Woulter’s Nordling mod.

The other two errors were my mod, and they were triggered by my mods only supporting human characters, but me not yet disabling them for non-humans, oops!