[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Stream Twitch
Tomorrow :video_game: ( Saturday ) :video_game:
Time not set but most likely 19:00 CET+1 / 7pm CET+1


Any mods that you guys would recommend for the Livestream today?


Well it seems you have been in a nordic mood, might want to give my nordlings a try ;), or save em for later if you want to vary your content a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: snow is non mandatory


Norsehearth :jubilant:
Might do that one will see :slight_smile: long since last time i tried it but never went far that time.


no, not norsehearth :stuck_out_tongue:
that one isnt mine :stuck_out_tongue: and doesnt have a lot of stuff.

my nordlings :stuck_out_tongue: its two different things. i actually have content lol. just no fancy world to play in.
also i PMed you a house you might like, does take a small bit of digging to put down though :wink: might inspire some more builds on your end


stream is up and starting soon :smiley:


From Todays Livestream
Tried the Nordlings mod was really nice and i look forward to stream it very soon again

Progress on town so far


Yesterdays Livestream up on Youtube
Nordling Kingdom, Taiga Biome and Kai’s Traits


Cozy Blacksmith
Built a New Blacksmith house with the help of the Fireplace from Nordlingmod to make it extra alive and cozy


HEADS UP banto, those fireplaces dont work if your hearthlings cant reach them! they need to be able to put wood in there! so tricky mid-pipe building wont do :stuck_out_tongue: (though i can alwats extend the smoke a bit more if required or something i guess)


Hehe i wont do those blocks anymore :smiley: a bird told me were getting new fireplace ;D


Trapper+ Mod Moving to new grounds


Getting a Knight

a lot of plans for the future with protecting town and also need to sort the food problems :slight_smile:


Giant Undead Zombie
I wish we had more of these undeads with story and quests


Multiplayer Livestream Sunday with a friend :slight_smile:


Extra Stream Coming up starting in a few mins on Twitch :slight_smile:
Find link at first post


Rocky Mountains Livestream Episode


Duo Livestream Episode
Always fun with some duo livestream even tho we both have to get used to it :smiley:
More Duo and Livestreams coming soon but currently have a fever.


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Skogshultet Livestream Ep#1
started uploading livestreams differently diving them into 1 hour videos instead of raw 3-4 hours to make it more watchable :jubilant: a little bit of an experiment
Next livestream is leanning towards this Saturday if wind will not be to insane this weekend