[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



nice got it for like 4€


Nice, I can’t remember for how much I got it at the time xD

Though, how do you place the video itself in your post, rather than your link?


It seems I’m not the only one that has been keeping an eye on that game. I still have to decide whether it is worth buying it. I’ll check your video later :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.


i click to watch my own video then just copy paste that link here and this forum embeds it i think :slight_smile:


It doesn’t do that for me .-.


but do you just copy paste it directly like ctrl+c and ctrl+v here with the link adress or do you click “hyperlink” and then add your URL? because that way it does not embed the video


I’ve got a spare code from the Humble Monthly Bundle. If you like you can have it. Spent like 40 hours with the game, a lot of it in coop. Haven’t touched it for a while since building seems rather pointless compared to Stonehearth. Can be great fun for a while, though.

Edit: If anyone else is interested in the key, hit me a PM.


Portal Knights Treasure Hunting
New episode with this fun creative, exploration & rpg game :slight_smile:
Really enjoying this so far and you can buy it cheap on G2A

Next up will be Stonehearth


Northern Alliance
Time for a new series with the Northern Alliance :jubilant:

Will see later if i continue Wolmoro the Canyon Town since the game changed so much since that town started it probably wont work very well is my guess :slight_smile:


Inspired to make a big town after watching the last dev stream when watching @Kythandra town :smiley:
Still a huge way to go and a lot to be done and many changes to be done as i progress tho :smiley:


I love the detail on that tower so much :jubilant:

The roof seems a bit weird to me - but I think that sort of shape will always have some problem in blocks, so it’s not really your fault.


Thank you :slight_smile: the left tower or the right tower roof?


Right tower.


Stonehearth 1.0 - Northern Alliance Epi 2
Continue expanding town and naming new hearthlings :jubilant:
Today i work on the Harbour so that we can have some ships there later on.

Always feel a bit stressed to get a lot done quick when making a big town but it seems to go pretty well so far :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: woah that was a cool find :jubilant:
it’s huge!


I’ve wanted to build by one of those giant skeletons forever. Lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally back again
after a long absence i’m finally back again :slight_smile: hopefully my pc will now stay stable and summer is over kind of.

Good to back hope everyone having a great day! :slight_smile:


welcome back Banto! :slight_smile:


Thanks it’s good to be back :jubilant:


Building more houses in the North