[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



wich makes the building gameplay feel like shopping IKEA furniture :nerd_face:


i dont’ think templates should be using glassworks windows because i disabled it before i started this town and i run with it disabled and they build the houses and items exist :slight_smile: i had to remove sundial tho from one templates since it was not vanilla :slight_smile: trying to make it as easy as possible to use templates without mods even tho i love the mods decorations :heart:

Tried without any mods should function correctly now :slight_smile:


What happened was that Banto is on unstable version which has vanilla stone windows. It was not from mods. But the guys downloading his templates are having problems because they are using the stable version, which don’t have the north alliance yet.

Do not rename the recipe name like that, first it will give compatibility problems with saves using the old names, second there must still be another mod with that same name2 too. The best name is to add the mod as a prefix, like mod_stone_window.


Oh, in that case it wouldn’t cause issues since the problem is not the entity name, it is the recipe name on the recipes.json of the mason, being the same radiant used, my mixinto is actually overriding the new recipes. Changing that would only make both recipes appear instead of just mine, but any placed windows would be fine since the window alias itself would be the same and has no issues :merry:

I’ll remove the recipes entirely since I just created them 'cause the game had no stone windows without mods when I made them - so they feel out of place now. I shall be keeping the aliases tho, for retro-compatibility - you just won’t be able to make them anymore but they’ll still exist :merry:

Ah, ok! Then it is the game version indeed; just assumed it from your videos where you use it - and since Stauder ran into the same problem :stuck_out_tongue:

See, if there’s at least one good thing about 1.1 is that everyone will be finally using the same version :forlorn:


What’s the reason you don’t use the unstable one @DaniAngione


I do use latest, was referring to the people that doesn’t - not myself :slight_smile:


Maybe everyone should be on unstable release now before the 1.0 release to get as many bugs caught as possible for the final push.


Ah right, yeah 1.1 is going to be nice!


New Mason House has been added to the Northern Templates :house::jubilant:



Look’s great @Banto :merry:


Ty :blush:


Making something bigger :jubilant:
work in progress :smiley: saving a lot avoid the ctd :smiley:



Realy lovely. You keep surprising me :smiley:

Have fun, Kyth.


I love your content Banto!


yeah love it, i try to start near rivers with the NA and there for my first huts are upturned boats


Thanks guys :smiley: hope to get back soon on Youtube again after my cold


Made a new series with the game Portal Knights :slight_smile: seems a lot of fun for now probably do some houses inspired from my Stonehearth Buildings later on :slight_smile: feel free to check it out


Huh, was planning on playing that game after I finished one of my series as well xD


Hehe nice :smiley: i got recommended to check it out by a guy on Twitter. Been looking at that game in the past but never gave it a try :wink:


I have had that game in my library for over a year now, was supposed to play it with a few friends but never came around to it xD