[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Walls and Towers and a bit of Bugs


Fixing Food and Fighting Ogre’s
decided to got for 25 hearthlings for this town so taking more name requests on youtube comments :slight_smile:


Moving the Farm and Playing with Water
starting to run really bad stonehearth but i keep pushing town forward :smiley:


Wet and Dry Stones
Water Fun


Got my window craft able now :slight_smile: gonna keep making more windows and maybe once if ever it gets stable to use i will let it loose on the Steam Workshop :slight_smile:


i quite like those! nicely done man :slight_smile:


:smiley: thanks made them possible to use for houses now so gonna learn and experiment more soon


Good job, it looks great! I love the carvings


Some more windows :smiley:


Making Waterfalls!
decided to try make a waterfall with Wet & Dry Stones


Mountain Lake
will be gone this week so not many episodes will happen this week but 2-3 atleast :slight_smile:


Just noticed how smooth the framerate is now :open_mouth:~


Ogo Skullbonker is here
On vacation but preuploaded this :slight_smile:


New Dining / Kings Hall Added to my Northern Templates on Workshop :jubilant: :snowflake:


Northern Town Expanded it a bit :slight_smile:


Anyone know why this happens to some that download my template? i only used vanilla items for it and latest unstable.
Is it because they run stable stonehearth or perhaps because they use mods conflicting?



The stable does not have stone windows


Oh :confused: nothing to do about it now then


Maybe using Glasswork mod @DaniAngione did use the stone window names
solution for now go into glassworks mod files > mixins > mason_recipes.json and edit each

 "building_parts": {
	"recipes": {

by changing

stone_window_frame to stone_window_frame2 or what ever
(stone_window_frame_wide2, stone_window_frame_round2 etc…)


This is true, Team Radiant used the same names (on the mason’s recipe list) that I did for the stone windows, so the stone windows crafted by the mason if you have Glassworks are actually mine, not the default ones :joy:

Changing the mason_recipes.json inside the mixins folder does fix it, however - at least until I update it :forlorn: