[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Weaver’s House


Hearth Upgrade


Crafting Axes
Gotta love all these mods that makes our experience in Stonehearth so much better :slight_smile:
For next episode i will most likely be building a Blacksmith, Bakery or other building depending on suggestions here and on Youtube comments




Ogo Skullbonker
The giant army has arrived


Been trying multiplayer quiet a bit with my brother and our towns are growing and they are connected of course :smiley:

Banto Town Closest and Brother a bit away

Town Square


a New Adventure in the Canyon
Thought it was time for an Adventure with Rayya again been since forever and got inspired from some screenshots on this forum to do a new town :slight_smile:


Livestreaming Thursday 19:00 GMT+2
Been long since a stream so will be back with one tomorrow again finally :slight_smile:

For the stream i might be playing Norsehearth Biome and there also might be Multiplayer


Adventure in the Canyon Ep 2
Today i share templates of this new town for anyone to use


Video from latest livestream
Did a Duo for my very first time

Multiplayer Stonehearth

More streams coming soon :slight_smile:


Canyon Episode 3 with the New Mining Tool