Wolf saddle and mounted weapon

so, a quick scan of “wolf” and “mounts” didnt reveal anyone else having posted this particular image… but i was playing the campaign video for my brother-in-law, and this sparked my curiosity…

we’re obviously seeing a saddled wolf for a Goblin raider… two points of interest (to me at least):

  1. the saddle/mount system that will be used, and how it can be leveraged by modders… im thinking bareback elephant riding, because… well, just because
  2. mounted weapon? yes… mounted weapons

See, NOW people want elephants… :wink:
but actually one of the thoughts I was having while making the elephant was eventually making one of the carriage things for it like in LotR…
(and I’ve now become “that elephant guy.” great)

Doesn’t look like mounted weapons to me, just like a holder for a large weapon, the shield right next to might help me theory but it might not. I do however fully support saddles/mounts, although generalized saddle models seem near impossible due to variation in stance and size.

@Paranundrox Your not THAT Elephant guy you just have some Creative mount ideas!!!
@SteveAdamo by mounted weapons do you mean like if that wolf had a steel horn on it that would make it to be able to attack people? or do you mean that it could Charge into the masses, Murder someone in that single charge and just come right out and do it again?

sorry, yes… i should have been more specific… not mounted in the sense that it is a part of the wolf’s attack… just that it is mounted to the saddle to be carried into battle…

and to a lesser extent, the idea of mounting items to pack animals (traveling merchants, etc.) seems more reasonable now… :wink:

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Now the important question is @SteveAdamo will Stonehearth Have War Mammoths that can attack people with their tusks and grab and fling people with their trunks?

Officially: No word on any of what you mentioned, although it is safe to say certain ‘beasts’ will be aggressive.

Unofficially: Mod it in!


You mean this one? http://www.stonehearthkingdom.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/5-wolf-rider-mount/

The qmo file is there for your tweaking pleasure!

P.s, I’m totally going to mod that into Battlecat later…

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i so :heart: you right now man…


Yeah…I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. I was curious to see how a Rhino mount would go and ended up with this…

and that’s after using @Froggy’s template, I think I may need to leave this stuff to the professionals =/
I’m sorry, what has been seen can not be unseen. (Please be gentle it was my first shot ;_:wink:


are you kidding me? this is a fantastic first shot! im a little confused on the eyes & tusk arrangement, but overall, definite rhino material… and with a saddle no less! :wink:

Brainstorming becoming a theory moment!

Wait…so if the orcs can have wolf hound mounts to attack like calvary. What is the human version? Mammoths like the pictures show when you domesticate them? Also, looking at the rpg class tree, it would make the most sense on leveling ranchers to train them into mounts for calvary. If that is all true, what will be calvary for dwarves? :wink:

I think it would be cool to see Dwarves ride around on big moles or something.

Moles, yes…But even better… Badgers.

evil grin appears

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I think taming a badger is even beyond dwarves.


Good point…maybe a hedgehog? image
Is that fierce?

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badgers and hedgehogs, oh my! :scream:


back on topic… :godmode:

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Or …

I can see that working.

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I need sharks with lasers attached to their heads. You know… to protect my waterfront borders… and not to cause trouble to the locals… Yeah that sounds good.


i like the overall rhino structure, only the eye placement is wrong imho, its supposed to be @ the side of head instead front.