[WIP] Final Fantasy Jobs [A20] - Downloads available


Could we get a download for the white mage? I’d love to see the specifics of how you got the staff to glow :slight_smile:


you won’t have to “steal” it, when i’ve got that part done i’ll send it to you :slight_smile:


Could you use the cleric heal, target it at enemies and give it a negative heal value?


Your a champion @8BitCrab :smiley: I keep checking on your wizards to see your progress, they’re looking amazing mate.

@chimeforest Absolutely, again it’s very raw I haven’t finished the white mage armor yet and I’m still working on the staff effects too but here it is.

white_mage.zip (54.1 KB)

@Reedo I haven’t even looked at it yet but that sounds viable and when I start I think that’s probably the best way to try :smile:. Animating is gonna be interesting as I’ve never done that before.


Thank you =D
It’ll be great to see an isolated example of the glow effects, especially attached to a weapon/tool. I didn’t know that was possible.


Your welcome :smile:, it was just a guess as to wether it’d work after looking at the effects on iconic item talismans and the gold ingots I assumed it would work for pretty much any entity


Mod Update:

Here’s a quick look at what I’m working on currently


Yay, a Blackmage :smiley:

Btw. maybe I missed it, but what FF do you use as reference for the jobs? I’m just asking, because I really like the outfits from FF III.

1: Monk
2: Redmage (I’d love to see them in game :3)
3: Geomancer
4: Blackmage
5: Ninja (also very nice :smiley:)
6: Thief
7: Scholar
8: Shaman
9: Knight
10: Bard (a very good supporter class)
11: Summoner
12: Wizard
13: Viking
14: “Karateka” (dunno if that’s the correct translation from german… you can call it Karate-Kid, too xD)
15: Ranger
16: “Evokateur” (also german name for the class… It’s basically an enhanced Summoner)
17: Dragoon (who would’ve thought that…)
18: Whitemage
19: Sage
20: Warrior
21: Dark Knight
22: Onion Knight
23: Freelancer


Glad you like the black mage :blush:

I’m mainly using FFXI and FFXIV for job and equipment references (plus my own influence) as I loved both of these MMORPG games, I’m not limiting myself to only using these for references though.

The jobs I have planned to implement to begin with is Warrior, Dark Knight, Paladin, Thief, Ranger, Red Mage, White Mage and Black Mage.


Thief would also be very interesting from the perspective of skills. But the Blackmage will be also very interesting in regards of visual effects. I’m really looking forward to this mod!


That’s awesome! hopefully I can make something you’ll like :slight_smile:

Yeah Theif will be an interesting one for skills I haven’t completely decided what it’ll be but a stealthy assassin type is what I’m thinking. Blackmage is going to be a massive challenge with skills and effects but hopefully I can work it out.


how is everything going with this mod? as a massive FFXIV player which i spend most of my time on I would love this in stonehearth lol


Hey! So sorry, I sorta burnt out and lost my momentum. I’ll keep tinkering with the armors and try and release some more soon, unfortunately I hit a road block with the creation of custom skills and that really stopped me as I want not just armors but skills for the jobs too.


I finally got around to updating the armour sets for A19 here they are if anyone wants them.

dark_knight.zip (55.8 KB) - Out of date use downloads from OP

paladin.zip (126.3 KB) - Out of date use downloads from OP

white_mage.zip (52.2 KB) - Out of date use downloads from OP

The dark knight set is for lvl 6 footman, paladin set is for lvl 6 knight and the white mage set is for lvl 6 cleric.


I’ve updated the intro which now includes the most up to date downloads of the sets, the previous post has downloads which are missing the equipment panel info.

Please download the sets from the intro.


Started working on the Black Mage class, he’s casting fire on the ogre in this pic.

Still have a fair amount of work to be done before anythings ready for release though.


The first release of the Black Mage Class has been added to the intro for download, its got issues but seems to work ok.


As a big Final Fantasy fan, and one that has played both FFXI and FFXIV as well, I would love to see dragoon make an appearance. We already have spears; now we just need a way for them to die all the time! :+1:

But really, amazing work :slight_smile:


@Valar Thanks mate I appreciate the support and glad you like it :D.

Dragoon as a class might be something I’ll look into down the track, it would be hard to implament their jump skills as i’ve no idea how to do annimations. I could create a Dragoon set of armour and a lance for the footman to use as an alternative… at least the footman has power spike which is kinda a jump move :).

Also updated the Black Mage Class link in the intro to now have 7 skills, previously it had no function as an apprentice.


Updated the OP with the latest version of the black mage class as well as included its artifact armour and relic weapon in the black mage gear set for download.