What will you use Yaks for?

As I know there is a high chance of yaks being in the game instead of cows but what will they be used for Yak calvary/cataphracts pulling wagons entertainment etc.) what do you think?

More for milk, cheese, meat and leather. Maybe later on for farming and pulling carts.

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Yeah thats a good idea so for agricultural meanings more than militaristic animal

I don’t know about you guys. But using yaks for a system to broadcast updated quotas for my communistic slave people citizens seems like a pretty good idea. Plus, yak labor is cheap, allowing me to spend more resources on my Armies that will be used to take over all of Steve Adamo’s land beautiful monuments to world peace.

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I will saddle the majestic beasts and ride them across the grassy plains.


I will probable use them for pulling wagons armour them for battles by armouring them then ride them in the mountains for scouts then for wool milk and cheeeeeeese

Personally I would hope for a more badass animal for military. Like those wolves that had saddled were awesome. I think Yaks are just going to be Cows replacers and nothing more.

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Think of it though they would be so effective at ambushing if they could charge down the mountains then tearing apart their soldiers with their horns

The reason for yaks inclusion is as a replacement to cows, like @Crobo said. Whilst it’s fine to let your imagination run wild, don’t expect much more than the basic resources they’ll provide that @voxel_pirate listed. :wink:

Anyway, for combat I think the wolves might be a thing. Certainly I don’t know why else one has a saddle…

You’ve lost your imagination be free think of your beautiful yaks pulling plows and charging into battle with armour can t you just imagine it

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Yeah but I’m not sure if that was a faction only thing like goblins only or something ya know?

Remember Somebody will just mod it in and yaks will take over the world with your help

That would be a simple model replacer I imagine if you wanted to go the quick and dirty route.

No no no, they said cows were too boring. @voxel_pirate made a cow titan “in retaliation” I think, but all as a light-hearted joke :wink:

But yeah, yaks, no cows.

Yks must be spen time on as they are the holy animal who will one the world

I’m just going to drop @KingMooCow in this discussion, as I feel like he is your definite counterpart and I really want to see you two fight over this decision :wink:

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Hey if he loves yaks he can come over and talk about how great they are :smile:

I hope that the cow community rises up and sue’s team radiant for stealing their spotlight. Down with change!

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I thought communists loved change aka capitalism/democracy to communism

In political fields, yes. But if we supported change to a great extent, we would support people rising up and overthrowing our abusive control over them changing the color of an Orange to green. Which is absurd.