Results of the "Large land mammal" survey

I’ve tallied the results of the “What kind of large land mammals?” survey from the last live-stream. Take a look at the results spreadsheet if you want the pure data.

As it turns out, Tom’s preference for non-standard mammals was inline with the community: Only 14% of us voted for the cow or its variation, the highland (shaggy) cow. The most popular mammal was inconclusive, however, as the other five choices were all fairly closely grouped. Elephants were on the bottom of this group, while the yak was the most frequently chosen mammal.


wow, the yak and buffalo were the top picks? you guys chose some hearty animals! :+1:

I’m not at all surprised, I for one was, and am, completely opposed to the cow. I mean it’s a cow, come on. That’s about as mythical and adventurous as a doorknob…Could totally get behind a buffalo or caribou tho, that sounds pretty awesome.

Also, if you haven’t already, you can still take the survey yourself. I completely expected yak and caribou to take top spots. They just feel like they belong in a fantasy game.

Aurochs for the win!!!1

Having said that the occassional highlan’ coo is a must if I may humbly opine

personally i think the normal animals should be there sheep cows pigs perhaps goats as a basis for things such as food milks etc
perhaps less people voted for a cow as it isn’t as cool as a llama but it should still probably be in the game before it just my two cents as i missed the livestream

I agree. This survey solely exists to gather data on “the community’s favorite large land mammal”. It doesn’t mean this is what’s going to be in the game, or that these are the only choices, by any means! :smile:

We have to have a Cow. How else would you be able to make a Secret Cow Level Moo Moo Farm ? or maybe you are too young to remember that one.

I can summarize the chatbox by saying ,“cows and goggles”. I think if I ever watch another livestream it will be in a pop out window. It was highly upsetting and demotivating to see the chat. The content itself was pretty awesome though, just wished Tom had made more use of the moderated questions as they were far superior to the chat questions.

Ces’t la vie, I suppose. @easto1a Yak’s are also greatly known for their milk and if this poll is anything to go by they can be a source of wool as well as milk. It all boils down to what will radiant choose in the end. It will be interesting though if they allow multiple sources of things though. (e.g. Yaks and sheep for wool, Goat and Yak for milk)

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Why not just use mammoths? I think having a little shepard trying to herd tons of mammoths around and trying to milk a mammoth would be hilarious and really charming.


I like cows, but elephants would be a lot more epic! Not sure why so many people liked Yaks, but whatever.

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this is something we can hone over time, and with @Geoffers747 at the helm, i’m sure we can make the next session a bit more focused… the live streams really represent a wonderful opportunity for the fans to make a tangible contribution to SH…

i have never seen this level of community involvement in the game development process, and for that, my hat is off to team radiant…

Yeah, I know. It was a first impression and with the way I see the Discourse, it was a bit jarring is all. I suppose I should also chalk it up to only being around for a week or so as well. Perhaps I’m not used to the zeal displayed.

The chat can get like that sometimes, I mean it is essentially free reign to anyone with a twitch account. Next time I’d say either remove the chat, or you can block individual users in the stream by clicking on their name and then clicking ignore. That should hopefully limit any annoying/ aggravating things you could run into!

Although this is currently being discussed under “Results of the ‘Large Land Mammal’ survey”. Soooo as far as being focused on the topic at hand @Crobo, well it seems we all make our exceptions for what’s relevant to us. :wink: