Animals And Monsters

Hey Tom and Tony i think i have got an amazing idea for animals. In you guyes last stream you said you didn’t want to use normal like cows and farm animals. I think you should first try to tame a boar, wild sheep or bizon. After you did that you should breed like boars together and then you would get an other (baby) boar. But after a while of farming boars will change and slowly get more peaceful and change to the regular pig. This you could do with almost animals. I startet thinking of this beceause of the evolution theory and it will work out great as a mini game. You should probably need a animal farmer and diffrent vegable farmer. Also you could do like monster evolve slowly for the hardcore people if they want that. They could drop better loot and stuff. Also new job Pizza Cheff.

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I like your thinking behind tamable farm animals altering over time, but I do have a few concerns with it. I’m also not sure if I like the connotations of evolution as I think that just throws up so many problems.

The issue I can see with what you’ve provided is that, well, the boar and the pig are two different animals, and they provide different materials. If you have a process in there, where an animal changes into another you are then potentially losing that initial farmed animal you had, and the materials you gain from them? It would seem easier, and perhaps better, to contain animals as themselves with just having the baby -> adult cycle.

However, cross-breeding could be an interesting mechanic for an animal farming game. The cross-breeding of certain animals could result in new animals which gains you access to different resources, or animals with different characterisics etc…

Thorough-breeding could also be in, although I think this is getting too deep, but just a very basic outline, your thorough-breed sheep produce twice as much wool etc.

As for pizza chef, I think that’s a bit too specialised to be useful, however an overarching chef/ cook class might well make it in the game, who knows!


I am not a huge fan of animals evolving into other animals. that takes thousands of years and I think this is beyond the scope of the timelines you will see in this game. I do like however the suggestion of Bison and boar to replace cows and pigs.

I know I also saw people throwing around Yaks too.

I would like to see Geese or turkey in place of chickens.
A goose/turkey can be eaten and eggs and feathers could be collected.

To the forum:
What animals would you like to see used?

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I would love to see some sort of giant lizard used as a beast of burden.
Who doesn’t love giant reptiles?

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When eventually implemented, Dwarves should ride giant moles :smiley:


Snow leopards should definitely be implemented. look at google images… they would fit in very well.

Yes, yes they should. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of having aggressive mob animals like predators that can kill deer and rabbits and even settlers.

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Oh yes! Oh no… I hate those barbarians in Civ 5. C’mon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tree shepherds, (Ents). Which spawn after collecting x-x amount wood, or falling x-x amount of trees. example 500-1000 wood collected. They should also be titans.

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welcome aboard @BGouch! :smile:

interesting (and frankly rather frightening) idea! :+1:

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Hmmm . . .

Visualizes Riding A Giant Mole

What about giant turtles as beasts of burden and mounts.

I think more like:

The chances of one happening would be TreesChopped-100/1000 or maybe if that’s unreasonable, you could change it, but that’s basically it. Or if you can plant trees: TreesChopped-100-(1/3*TreesPlanted)/1000

Oh god no! That’s not what I ment!

1. Alpacas - What I would really like to see is an alpaca, if there is not an alpaca in the game then expect a mod from me, Just the lack of alpacas is upsetting in some games. Although I think alpacas would just be an enhancement to the sheep, like an updated version basically. Maybe it gives more wool then the sheep, or can generate wool faster.

2. Tauren - I wouldn’t mind some races from other games, like tauren. They’re very intimidating and angry creatures. To have that type of monster lurking around would be very cool.

We still need Were-sheep.

Were-moon. Everytime you see a full wolf, you transform into a moon…

(I can’t find the comic strip now, noooooooo!)

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