A suggestion for item movement

Many of us understand that it can take a lot of time, especially at the beginning of a game, to move materials to stockpiles. One idea that I think could be applicable to at least farmers (to start) would be a wagon. The wagon could be used to transport larger sums of food stock to the stockpiles so there is less back-and-forth. farmers can pack and drag the wagon to the stock and, with the hopeful introduction of Herders and herd animals (Maybe a horse, cow, or Yak! you H.A.Y. fans!), the wagon can be pulled by work animals with more speed? Let me know what you think. A small idea but could make the town feeling even more prevalent when Farmer John comes rolling in with his trusty yak, Betsy, with his latest pumpkin crop!


well we know that we will get yaks instead of cows, am i right @Gridnickā€¦?

edit: also, weve had the suggestion of wheelbarrows but i dont think weve had the suggestion of a cart that farmers use, i love that thought though!


That ismcorrect @8BitCrab a poll said it would happen and I will keep campaigning for the yak

But yeah I like the idea of a wagon


Oh has that finally caught on? Iā€™m so happy. :smile:

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