What are some of your favorite anime series?


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Weekend again? So here we go: AKATSUKI-CHAAAAAN!! :slight_smile:
One more awesome Log Horizon Episode and more character development, before the next episode will be badass as hell :smiley: I’m a bit confused, that they seperate both stories, but so we’ll see Awesometsuki earlier xD
Just pure love :heart:

On the other hand, Psycho Pass II is doing well too, but they have to watch out that they don’t end as an poor copy of the first season. After the real good start the second season needs his own theme in the foreground…

Also finished No Game, No Life and I liked it. It’s really rare that I laugh, when I watch an anime, but this happens. It’s just too turned off and doesn’t take itself serious… Standard, but enjoyable standard :slight_smile:

Also finished Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. One of the few series, which actually give me some thrill. The ending is a bit weak, but after all it was one of the better horror animes.

Also finished Full Metal Panic!. The hole mecha/war-part was really weak, but I enjoyed the comedy moments. Not really good, but in the end I’m looking forward to the second season…


Okay, just finished Highschool DxD and my reaction is somewhere between “WTF!”, “What drugs did the writer take?” and “OMG! THAT WAS NICE!”… I really can’t discribe this anime in any objective way… :slight_smile:


So I finished Blue Exorcist earlier…dear god, I don’t think there’s I’ve seen anything that screamed “wasted potential” more than that series. The first two episodes were amazing and set up for a great series…and then they threw water on the flames and sat everyone down back into the “superheroes in training at the academy” trope that I’m getting so sick of seeing (probably to the point that if the next show I start in on has it I’m going to stop watching it, that’s how tired of it I am).

Don’t get me wrong, the show is still ok(it’s everything Naruto should have been, except I didn’t want this to be Naruto), but I haven’t been this disappointed about what might have been for a long time.


So I’m sick right now and just can switching between sleeping and watching animes. So right now, I finished Guilty Crown and I really don’t know how to feel about this anime. Changing it’s hole face serveral times, having an end which gave me goosebumps and hating the producer at the same time… just a bit too many cliches in the characterisation but with a wonderful soundtrack and some real unique style… Jeez, I really don’t know what to think about this piece right now.

I think, after watching it, I’m a bit depressed right now… but still was a good time :slight_smile:


I can’t tell if I’m jealous, or sorry for you… :laughing: Even though it can be fun to get sick sometimes, get well soon. :smile:


Yeah, It really sounds like fun in the first place, but when you suffer for nearly two years, you are missing something like a “whole real life”. Sitting there on your own and just see anime characters living isn’t that much fun, when you just don’t have the choice to live your own life… so in fact I’m looking forward to the time when I don’t have the possibility to watch a hole series at once…

But enough of the bad feelings, let’s start with Akame ga Kill! :slight_smile:
Heard some good critics and seems like a good evening filler :smiley:


[quote=“Programmierer, post:410, topic:2674”]
Weekend again? So here we go:[/quote]
Awesometsuki-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! :slight_smile:

Log Horizon II 8 So todays episode finishes the Akatsuki-Book and her development and one more time I just love this anime. It's just so heartwarming :smiley: Just a wonderful "happy end" and very well animated too. And for even more love, they will start the Shiroe-Book at christmas evening and his death thoughts, while meeting Akatsuki. I really loved this trick while reading the Light Novel and I was a bit worried they don't show Shiroes love thoughts after they just focused on Akatsuki, but right now I just can say:

[quote=“Programmierer, post:410, topic:2674”]
Just pure love :heart:[/quote]


@Programmierer once again will ask to use the spoiler commod that @SteveAdamo has show

i know how cool Akatsuki is and just log horizon in general but i would like to be able to read this forum without you giving away the show to me


I’m sorry ^^
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I don’t watch too much anime, but when I do I usually binge watch all episodes and seasons at once.


  • The story behind me seeing this anime was as a kid I was always up late in the nights playing video games, well for some odd reason my twin sister would always want to watch Toonami at 2:00 am. No big deal, but one day I was trying to see why and I saw these wonderful pictures of bright lights. This man with cat ears and something about collecting shards. Ever since then I fell in love with the series.

Soul Eater

  • One of my all time favorite anime’s, I remember one day I was just deciding to have a lazy day, so what do I do? Randomly browse the Netflix catalog of movies, and shows. I come across this and read a little bit of it and decide “what the heck, I’ll give it a shot”. The next 12 hours of binge watching changed my life forever! I was so in love with the characters and was just in aw about the story with the light humor.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • I’m not quite sure if I should quote this as an “anime” , it sort of fit the context, at the same time I’m unsure. Anyways, as a kid I never really paid attention to this series, you know if it’s on it’s on I’ll watch it type of deals. As I grew older though I started to get more involved with the series and just watched all the episodes and read the novels. It was great.

Space Dandy

Ah, Space Dandy. This is a show where I just unwind at the end of the night, throw up the feet, grab a cold beverage, and relax. I mean the story of it is meh, but the humor and characters are pretty great. I just like to see what will happen next in the series.

Sword Art Online

This series plays with your heart strings, I mean I was crying in one part of this series. I think I would say this is one of those feels anime, you want to keep watching for the emotion and goose bumps. It’s a nice anime, don’t get me wrong but I think having the main character always be unique is kind of over played in so many anime s.

Well that’s all I really care about sharing about!


After a short discussion i think we decided that as long as it is “anime like” it could be put here. :slight_smile:


Currently watching Princess Mononoke. I had started to watch it back when I was really young and had somehow convinced my mom to rent it for me (I didn’t get very far in unfortunately due to the violence, and it is pretty graphic), but I could never remember what the name of the movie was. Ended up seeing the blue-ray version being sold where I worked, remembered what it was called. Now I’m watching it all the way through, and it’s amazing.

Sadly, only about the third Miyazaki film I’ve ever watched.


Firstly, thank you for providing lazy old me with the link to this thread via my notifications! :stuck_out_tongue:

:open_mouth: You must watch more of his movies, they’re all fantastic, but particularly spirited away, naussica and the valley of the wind, castle in the sky, and howl’s moving castle.
I also just finished Soul Eater. :smile:
And with that I’m off to watch more anime.


personally my favorite

however kiki’s delivery service is also really good

the two newer movies I still need to watch I missed the last one that just came out in theaters and there is one that I didn’t know came out that just got released to dvd/bluray


Was my favorite film by him, but I think Princess Mononoke comes close to beating it. Just finished watching it, and that may have been the most satisfying ending to an anime I think I have ever seen (although is it selfish of me to want to watch more of the world he just built for me and made me care about in less than 3 hours?).

The other one I’ve watched by him is Ponyo, which is…well, it’s alright, but nowhere near as good as Kiki’s Delivery Service or Princess Mononoke.