What are some of your favorite anime series?


Princess Mononoke is by all means my favorite.

It even beats Star Blazers, and that was the shit.


I haven’t seen Star Blazers yet, but I’ve already rewatched Princess Mononoke again. I’ve only ever done a back-to-back rewatch of one series before, and that was because I had just finished FMA: Brotherhood and my girlfriend and I started to watch it.

In fact, I think it might be one of the 5 best anime I think I’ve ever watched.


Oh, well then! I appear to be late to the party, but anyway! Lessee.

Here’s my MyAnimeList anime list. Now, some genres that might be overrepresented relative to what you might want to watch (although I don’t know of course) are shounen ai (e.g. Loveless, Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!!) and children’s anime (e.g., Hoshi no Kirby (obviously), Animal Yokochou), but I could recommend those should you be interested in such after all.

If you like weird, hard to follow humor and story, I can recommend FLCL and Puni Puni☆Poemii.

For light-hearted, cute, kind of innocent slice of life, try Lucky☆Star.

For more mature comedy, try Oruchuban Ebichu. That one gave me lots of laughs.

If you’re looking for a more serious storyline, I’m sure Death Note was already recommended; I saw someone mention the excellent NHK ni Youkoso! as well, which has both drama and comedy.

I personally loved Hikaru no Go as I like coming of age and I have an interested in the game Go. I watched all 75 episodes of it a second time recently. It is aimed at a younger audience, which I’m alright with, but it’s not for everyone I’m sure.

In subsequently looking for something similar, I found the beautifully drawn and animated Chihayafuru and Chihayafuru 2. Slight element of romance, which I don’t care too much about, but the game it’s about is interesting, the characters are fantastic, and it’s all not too predictable (that is, both sides, the one who eventually loses as well as the one who eventually wins, has the proper storyline drive to win).

And just generally fun is Kuragehime.


Bah… going back to work is stress :-/ ^^

But after all, found some time to watch Noragami. Didn’t really want to see that anime, but a friend of mine pushed me into it and after the end of season 1 I have to say, I’m glad he did :slight_smile:

Normally I’m not into those pure romance anime because most of them are full of stereotypes or “Hey, I met you, I love you!” nonsense, but this one really did surprise me. Being a bit sick of all these “Hero saves the world”-Shonen, it’s refreshing to see a story, where even a bad ending would just concern around ten people. Combined with a really basic romance without any big scenes or confessions, Noragami is one of my surprise titles this year… =)


Saw it Netflix one day and watched it. Was not disappointed, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.


Finally finished Aoe no Exorcist. Wasn’t disappointed at all, but the final episodes were a bit low… :-/
I really do like the hole World Building and SetUp, but it feels like 20 episodes of introduction for a 5 episode story… would be better, if they had cut it into 2 seasons, using the new room for a bit more development beside from “Power Up”, “Power Up”, “Power Up”, “Finished!”… ^^

But after all, I really do like this one :slight_smile:


Long time no posting here… So here we go again :smiley:

Sword Art Online - Zekken Arc First of all: After reading the LNs, by far my personal favourite. Such a heartwarming story, Kirito with some "day saviour" moments, but in the end it's just about a little girl who has to die. It was a real nice variety after all this "one hero saves the virtual world"-nonsense. In the end I'm hating this arc a little bit, because it shows how much potential was dissipated in the first season... :smile:


For a change of pace you can try some romantic/comedy anime like Toradora or Aa! Megami-sama


I assume you mean “filler” by the first couple of episodes which dont really seem to add much to the overall plot immediatly but once you watch a couple of episodes u start to see where it all falls together :stuck_out_tongue:


One Piece is the best i :heart: it :3


Did someone say anime?! I’ve just finished Black Butler, which I’d highly recommend (it’s a sort of Victorian crime drama with demons). For comedy, I’d suggest Hetalia, which is a comedy with countries and history jokes. If you’re going for an action drama, Soul Eater is pretty great for the long haul. Finally, if you are in the mood for a short anime, Noragami is awesome.


i think to it was called Mother’s Rosario Arc but detail but yes a very good Arc of SAO to watch


Sao had 2 arcs in 1 season again same with how the first season was two seprate arcs -.- I’m not sure if I like that but the arcs were good and that’s what matters

as for Log Horizon drools and dreamy eyed so beautifuly done <3 I loved it all I want more MORE I SAY MORE


Sao 2 had 3 Arcs: GGO, Excailber, and Mother’s Rosario. all good

i not sure of this season so far. its good but not as good as season 1. though i pretty sure that its all most over or half way done. well see.

as for just completed anime besides SAO:

In Search of the Lost FutureI wish that it did not end like it did but it was so good. the op song is also very good. this story is but of course with time travel and is great to see how it all played out in the end


Yeah, the official name is so. But a friend of mine start to call it Zekken-Arc, because the arc isn’t really about Mother’s Rosario after all. And I like that idea ^^

[quote=“blackArcher52, post:439, topic:2674”]
though i pretty sure that its all most over or half way done.[/quote]
With the last episode, the 7th LN is finished. The author himself is planning around 15 (maybe+) books, so yeah, storywise we are about half way through…


Been helping the fiance catch up with Code Geass. We’re in R2 now, and just finished Episode 13…I don’t think I have to say much if you’ve watched the show (and huge spoilers, so I can’t really talk about it), but here’s the music to remind you about just how heart-wrenching that moment is.

We were both tearing up by the end of it, and I rarely do that, with the only other time being the first time I watched the Chimera episode from the original FMA. I’ve watched this episode several times, and I still tear up.


Ah… Code Geass… Every now and then I’m thinking about giving it a try… but still… never seen it ^^

Just finished 2 more great anime:

Psycho Pass 2 A short but exciting one. An ultimate system as subject has the problem, that every villain has some equal characteristics, because he needs to challenge the system. That in mind I was very curious wether PP2 will be just a repeat of the first season. But gladly the second season managed to have its own character and story. Really compelling and with a great open end for a hopefully even better third season...
Amagi Brilliant Park So this is really strange one. This anime doesn't do anything in particular really good. It's not outstanding, the story is foreseeable till the last second, the characters are mainly standard and most of the jokes were seen before. So in fact, there isn't any reason to look this anime. But in fact, I loved the humor/romance in Full Metall Panic! and this is just more of the same. Just a really little heartwarming story with a nice soundtrack that puts a smile in your face. So in the end, I really enjoyed this one... =)


i just cant wait until the next season of anime come out. why must i wait almost a whole month for the ones i want to watch


just started watching Attack on Titan last night (yeah Netflix!)… wow, what a depressing opening episode! :smile:


Welcome to the world of Attack on Titan. It doesn’t get much less depressing from there. :smile: