What are some of your favourite series & films

This includes shows that aren’t anime.
We have this thread for that.

I’ll start us off. Arrow, Flash, Gotham and Scorpion are currently taking my fancy.
Game of Thrones season 5 soon :smile:
I guess cartoons don’t count as anime, so… Regular Show is a favourite.

I didn’t know if there was another thread like this, but it seems old and inactive :smile_cat:

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Grimm right now Is on my list with Gotham as well but otherwise I am drawing a blank as far as it goes

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Over the past 2 years I have watched about 14-18 different shows. I can’t even remember which ones I finished or not.
Arrow & Flash are good, Arrow is like gritty and dark and the Flash just has the weird and the wonderful going on.

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Hmm. I don’t actually watch much TV anymore, when I think about it. I’ve been trying to get into a few series on Syfy like Warehouse 13 and The Librarians. Sure, they’re a little cheesy and goofy, but I like shows and series that find neat, quirky ways to tie in history and mythology. Plus, it never hurts to have a little comedy once in a while.

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When you don’t have a job, have played pretty much every type of game and live in a town where none of your friends do, its all you can do, is watch TV that is.


I don’t really watch many series but Arrow is nice :slight_smile: Oh and Doctor who.
(Just a thought, do you think movies would fit this thread too? Just to keep a favorite movie thread from popping up in 2-3 months :slight_smile: )

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Just edited the title :smile: Post some films if ya want to guys and gals.

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I knew I forgot Dr who and as movies well there’s stardust-come on a gay Robert deniro sky pirate is pretty entertaining, and a knights tale

Wait, A knights tale with Heath Ledger?

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Yuppers that’s the one

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More series:
The walking dead

And as mentioned before: Everything Miyazaki (As they can never be mentioned enough)

Yes (Prime) Minister is my favourite comedy show. I’m enjoying Game of Thrones as well. What else… hmm. Babylon 5 is great stuff, and Tom & Jerry is probably my favourite cartoon series.

Not sure what else qualifies as “favourites” though.

If we are going with films. Lords of Dogtown is a phenomenal movie. Based on real life skaters, Oh, it also has Heath Ledger.=

If you’re going to watch librarian. Watch the films first.