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I was wondering, does anyone else suffer from netflix binge watching? I find myself awake at four in the morning, wondering how I went from watching an episode of a 80’s sitcom, to continuously hitting next episode. Should I seek help? Or accept it? Am I alone in this world?


I do, But only on things I decided I was going to watch today.


Netflix is evil, turns your mind to mush and your will to wanting more


How can it be bad? It’s like time travel. One second you start watchin a series. The next you are 4 hours in the future.

what weakling needs sleep anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Weaklings don’t need sleep. Strongmen need sleep. I need sleep. I am a strongman. You be a weakling. This is lack of sleep talking, it won’t make much sense lol.


I have to try to limit myself on new series, and series already watched with new episodes. its tough, but I watch other series I’ve already finished to help me limit my consumption of new episodes.


I was going to create a thread for it but sins this thread is heree i will just ask here instead.

Dose anyone have any sci fi series they can recommend? I want them with big ships and lasers and big explosions in space and such. What i have already watched is the stargate sg1 and atlantis so things similar to that, star trek enterprise is also crossed of my list. Space battles for the win!

Grateful for any help and tips.


Star Wars? The Disney animated one if your American is up on Netflix and it has some pretty good episodes.


@Elderon While not 100% blowy upy shippy stuff, I can reccomen the 9 seasons of doctor who… Finished that in a month or so. lol.


Afraid i am all up to speed on that as well!! ARGH!!

[quote=“Newf, post:8, topic:8329”]
Star Wars
[/quote]Loved the clone wars to bits but im not sure about this new one, i will probably have a look in the future though.


I’m just hoping they make the Galactic Empire out to be competent villains, especially the clone storm troopers. Really hope we don’t go from the hyper-competent Clone Wars guys to idiot opponents.


The new rebels one makes the Galactic Empire to be idiots. The Star Wars: Clone Wars was good but the new Star Wars: Rebels is horrible.



Seriously, WTB some well-written villains for a change :frowning: . I mean at least the Clone Wars battle droids could be used as comic relief :confused:


And they were fairly competent, You saw just as many clone troopers die as the Droids. I mean, I was watching the movie version and the first casualty was the clone trooper who said “charge” and five seconds later got headshotted. Probably my favourite moment.




What did Netflix ever do to you?


Remember when Netflix split into two different services?



<Damn you and your minimum letter count!!!>


Oh, uh okay. Well I DO.