Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

I defragmented the bitstream for optimal tubal byte alignment in the TCP.

(On that note, does anyone else watch Agents of SHIELD? Good show, but the tech gobbledegook nearly makes me slit my wrists. Part of me wants to believe they’re doing it deliberately… but I’m not so sure)


i’m giving it one more chance to win me over… the acting is hit or miss, and yes, the technobabble is laughable… but the CG is quite impressive for a network show!

I think we’re missing the point here… the most amazing thing is that people are actually watching a movie spin-off series and liking it.

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It’s a fun entertaining romp that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, yes!

There’s been some great moments - the one that still makes me grin is:


The fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously also lets me just sit back and enjoy the creation.

Yeah I like watching it because it’s fun. If you don’t take it seriously, awesome show. In all seriousness, I watch it because I like Chloe (whats her name in the show?) Oh Skye. I like her, and I’m waiting for that cameo by one of the Avengers. Seriously. Probably not this first season, but if anything maybe in the season finale.

Is Agent Coulson in it?

I would watch it if he was

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he is indeed… although there is some mystery as to his involvement (story-line wise)… :wink:

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I am all in… Saw a unaired episode at the NYC comic con… and well Sky is Crazy hot… so yeah 80)

I try so hard to like the fact that the heroine is all into CS, but it’s like CS from an alternate universe…

I honestly think Coulson is the emotional center of the show. The actor’s dad is a professor at the school where my husband works and every week he comes by my husband’s desk and talks about how amazed he is to see his son on television (and recognized by actual people he knows in real life).

Aside: has anyone else noticed the scads of Mass Effect references? I’m pretty sure they made a miniature Mass Effect Field Generator in the episode with the scientist and the mysterious device. Oh sure, they called it a “gravity” device… And then there’s Ken and Gabby, and Coulson’s offhand comment about not being allowed to have a fishtank in his private office (on his plane). Not to mention Coulson’s mysterious resurrection from death by a mysterious pro-earth organization…

But then I was sure there were Mass Effect references starting from when Nick Fury hung up on the council in Avengers and either he or Hill said out loud that they were “useless.” :wink:


agreed… im surprised he hadnt been gobbled up by another series before this (or appeared in any other movies), as he’s quite enjoyable to watch… :smile:

i have a few theories about his miraculous recovery from Loki’s spear though…

I’ve been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I like it so far, but I see room for improvement. Though most shows aren’t the best they can be in their first few episodes.

Jesus thanks for bringing these points up! In the back of my mind I knew there were references I couldn’t connect, but there it is. I love it, I’ll be looking out for more of these references throughout the show now.

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The newest episode makes all my ScorchingRaider profiles on other websites look stupid! :angry:

not universe, its a alternate dimension
with crazy tech.

I’m not sure I can forgive them for the botched Minecraft reference in the last episode…

“[relevant character] plays a LOT of Minecraft, where he runs a rather nasty mob.”
“As a zombie?”
“Zombie pigman.”

…that’s not what “mob” means.

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I am truly sorry for necroing this thread but…

I have just watched the episode with the minecraft references in it and oh my goodness it made me quite annoyed.

Not only has the writing, up to this point, been sketchy at best but it betrays a breathtaking disregard for the subject matter and audience. This is a show who’s main audience is geeks and yet they have neglected to perform even rudimentary research into the tech subject matter that would have caught numerous factual errors.

Its not the fact it is nonsense is getting me into a lather, that is all covered in the “willing suspension of disbelief” clause (and who didn’t love the Technobabble-As-Art of TNG), it is the misapplication of terms and concepts that would have taken a 2 minute conversation with any teenager to correct.

Imagine if they decided to reference a baseball game by “explaining” that a ‘ball’ is pushed on the ground around a ‘diamond’ with a wooden poker called a ‘bat’ and each team spits on the ground to celebrate a goal.

I surmise that the reason this is permitted in the show is that the writers either don’t care about the target audience or they are too ignorant to realise that just sprinking buzz words into dialog does not endear the show to the audience but alienates them.

I am now done ranting please continue. I am only ranting because I really wanted to love this show and to have it spoiled by ignorance or simple lack of attention boggles my mind. Do these show execs really not like money? Fail to prepare prepare to fail etc etc . froth… twitch…

No really I am done now.


while i fear falling out of @sdee’s good graces, i’m afraid i have to agree here… i cant quite put my finger on it, but there’s some element, some piece of the writing process that is just … missing here…

i too really wanted to love this show, and gave it a fighting chance… but the more i watched, the more confused i became… not by the subject matter (which got a little late-night SciFi channel goofy at times), but by who the show was trying to attract… :confused:


Think of it like this,
It’s set in an alternative universe where coding standards and the names for things (as well as pop culture) are slightly different. This is bought about due to the nature of physics being fundamentally different in their universe as seen when people shoot lazers out of their boobies… i mean c’mon people… people will complain when the episodes aren’t made fast enough then they will complain when they haven’t spent enough time on research.
just take it with a pinch of salt and lighten up. its a fairly solid show. grabs my attention. not quite fringe but its still up there.
edit: i just seen the reference again and its not that bad. merely refers to him having a zombie pigman skin and being a greifer. tbh examine the situation. cant imaging the two characters have much time for computer games.


point taken…

ok, i’m ready now… :smile:


wow… thats a lot of salt… unless its a very small crane/conveyor belt…
very small and very heavy :cherries:

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