Free Steam Key! ... and request!

yes folks, simply answer one simple trivia question, and you can take your pick from the following Steam keys i have lying around! :smile:

  • Dungeon Defender II
  • Shank 2
  • Offspring Fling
  • Snapshot

the remaining keys will be used in our competitions and such…

here’s the 4-part question: give me the name of the lead actor from Joss Whedon’s (unfortunately) short lived SciFi series… i want:

  • the series name
  • the actor’s real name
  • the name of his character
  • the show he is currently starring in

post your response below, and i’ll PM the winner, who can then select his or her prize… :wink:

[color=blue]on a related note[/color], if anyone has any spare keys of their own, feel free to PM either myself or @Geoffers747, and we will put them to good use here…

thanks! :+1:

I think I know this…

The series was Firefly, the main character was Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds (played by Nathan Fillion, who is currently in Castle). Is this right…?

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survey says? winner! :smile:

just let me know which game you would like, and i’ll PM you the key… :+1:

and since you destroyed the contest so quickly, i suppose i’ll have to think of another… need to keep people looking at the thread, in hopes we can bring in some more keys… :wink:

I loved firefly! It’s the best.


indeed! it was cut down in it’s prime… :cry:

it was the first contest question that came to mind… perhaps i’ll cook up another…

im thinking about grabbing the latest humble bundle too, as there are some games i would like to own (FTL, Fez) and some that we would be able to use for competitions…

anyone else gotz keyz we can haz? :smile:

feeble attempt at groveling

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Be careful, the reavers like forums! :scream:

I actually saw the movie Serenity before any of the television episodes. Then one day on Sci-fi I see a marathon on something called Firefly, and I was like “Wait, there was a TV series based off it?!”

Of course, now I know which came first

The more you know! :jack_o_lantern: Just experimenting with the icons. :large_orange_diamond:

its ok, @sdee bears a striking resemblance to Summer Glau… :smile:

oh how i envy you… did you just have a complete marathon fest of Firefly? :+1:

It was a while back, maybe last Summer/Fall. As you might guess, it wasn’t one of the longer marathons…

Due to the humble bundle I apparently have an spare key for Bastion. Not like I’ve got anything to use it for. Of course a challenge such as needed for mine would be a hard, hard thing. Maybe binding them to the hard challenges for the little challenges script. Certainly an interesting idea at least to throw in rewards with the occasional challenge, although i’d personally only put rewards on challenges that can’t be beaten by googling a solution.

Unfortunately, the games that are in the most recent Bundle are almost all mine already… the only notable one that isn’t mine is Fez. I do highly recommend FTL and Bastion, though. Even the mobile version of Bastion was good.

i just noticed they unlocked those extra games last night… was thrilled to see Bastion in there… i’ve been dying to give that a go… and it is indeed excellent! :+1:

but i have about 8 keys (from this and another bundle) that i can just as easily do without…

so, we’re getting some good candidates for competition prizes! :smile:

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