Mass Effect 2 Giveaway

I have a code for Mass Effect 2 on Steam :smile: and since I already own the game (And love it to the most I possibly can) I decided lets toss it to one of you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

To win the code all you need to do is sketch up a quick idea for a render. It can be about anything (Keep it PG) relating to Stonehearth and in any skill level (So stick people are okay, just write a job next to them so I understand)

My favorite’s maker will be sent the code and be used as a render with necessary modifications, in which you will be credited for the scene. It will be posted here and on my fb and deviantart. You can post your works below for your chance to win :slight_smile:

Giveaway Winner will be Chosen on Thrusday the 23rd of April

Best of luck to all!


This game is very good, I like it very much!

Gah! It’s Mass Effect 3 I need! I’ll participate anyway with a previous contribution of mine:


That’s not a sketch xD and it’s for a RENDER not an animation lol.

Btw I’m already done working on a tootoo goblin for that idea so… I wasn’t kidding what I said I’d try


It’s not a complete sketch but I’m sure you can fill in the gaps.


I jnow that i like… make Renders too

but this is Mass Effect, So i need it

wait for my sketch!

Extra bonus points if it’s fanart of The Shepherd.


I guess I’ll allow that… but I can’t exactly put Sheperd in a Render now can I xD OR COULD I!!!

Done :wink:

Not too advanced but it is a sketch after all.



If you focus really hard on the background, you can see where our building in Los Altos is holding off the Reaper forces with our big stash of Cains. @not_owen_wilson


I’m in school, No time to say anything

The note says to set a orange, yellow or red light for a twilight feel (optional)

Also, the Character is female since the splash screen had a male shepherd


Alright, I’ve decided on the winner of the game. I’m gonna toss the key to @TurtleSquish. His was simple and not overly restrictive, and got the general point across. Thanks to all that participated, I hope to do another giveaway soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Expect the key in a PM on here or steam (Probably here) and render in the coming weeks :slight_smile:


Thanks @Pandemic I hope it helps you come up with ideas.

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the only thing i question about your picture is, why is some of the grass red?

there are little crabs roaming around :wink:

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Meaning mine was quite restricted, witch i can honestly agree

oh well, next time Symbol


While this is true, artistically yours blew mine out of the water.

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Ah, it’s not that much.

But since i managed to make that sketch, i’ll be making my own Rendering!