What are some of your favorite anime series?

this thread is provided purely out of selfish intentions… i have never been on the cutting edge of watching the best anime, and am looking to you all to give some great recommendations… :+1:

i will watch a show based solely on the art style, but having a decent (understandable) story would be a plus… :smile:

for reference, i’ve been watching Marvel’s Hulk and Avengers, as well as TMNT with my son … granted, that’s not anime, but you see what i have to work with… :wink:

ok, so what’s your favorite!?


Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood.

That one made me cry more times than i’d like to admit.

i also like Welcome to the NHK and i’m quite fond of gintama.


I used to watch Naruto when I was younger. Other than that, I very much am not a fan of anime. Can’t stand most of the shows, because most of them are just random crap someone spewed out and thought might be cool. “TANK DRIVING SCHOOLGIRLS!” "VAMPIRES AND MUTANT SCHOOLGIRLS!’ “DEAD PEOPLE AND SCHOOLGIRLS FIGHTING OTHER DEMON THINGS!” etc… though most of the ideas seem to revolve around school girls.


i was going to list this as my only real venture into the anime waters, but feared i might be shunned by the herd… :smile:

hahaha! i have to say, this does seem to be an overarching theme on most of the shows i’ve sampled (that come on late on adult swim and other channels)…

Now i don’t have time to post excessively long but i can’t say that i haven’t watched shows like that. But for starters you could check out the 3 shows i listed (though welcome to the NHK might require some insight into japanese culture to thuroughly enjoy, gintama also, but in lesser severity). They aren’t related to any of that stereotypical (well gintama might at times make fun of it).

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I’ve seen episodes of that. Really didn’t like it. Seemed too random, with characters that didn’t fit and a lot of random stuff that seemed to just be flung in there, either for filler (TBH, every anime I’ve ever seen has loads of filler content) or just to make you go “aww, how sad” even if there’s no real reason to be.

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I love One-Piece.
To be more accurate I love the story in this anime, unfortunately, it seems like the animators just don’t care how the anime looks…

I cant say Ive seen many Animes but the ones I have seen are Vampire Bund, Yu-Gi-Oh (Not sure if this counts) and Pokemon (Again not sure)

Of course, FMA and Cowboy Bebop, and I enjoyed when I watched Death Note. Funny stuff right there.

And no, YuGiOh and Pokemon don’t count anymore, as they have been cartoon-ized and American-ized/Western-ized.


Then Ive seen only 1 Anime courtesy of Netflix (Other Brands are avaible)

YuGiOh doesn’t count? But that was the only one I could recommend…:crying_cat_face:

As are the breads, my friend. As are the breads.

I could start on this now, but I’d end up staying here until tomorrow morning for sure.
I’ll come back and answer this extensively tomorrow when I have the whole weekend in front of me :laughing:

In the meantime, I have to at least comment something useful.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Great anime, great music, I still go to youtube to listen to Bratja, the main soundtrack, that sums up the whole show pretty good. The whole concept of Alchemy in the series is based on one main concept: the Equivalent Exchange which means that for something you create you have to provide something of equivalent value. I haven’t watched the brotherhood variant, but the original had no fillers (since it’s not even following the manga halfway through) and every character is important to the story actually.

GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka

An ex-gang member that starts teaching at a school and tries to help his students in his own crazy fun way. Hilarious most of the time, has a bit of ecchi jokes too. No fillers here too, but schoolgirls.

Death Note

A must read and the anime was not bad too. A very intelligent student gets a book that will kill a person if you write his name (and know his face) into it. The main enemy is a world renown detective. The story is great and revolves around both protagonists trying to find out the others identity, it’s like a game of cat and mouse. Haven’t watched the whole anime but it looked to be just as good as the manga (no schoolgirls nor fillers)

Hajime no Ippo

If you like Boxing. The manga is great and very funny, but I haven’t watched the anime except for a few episodes with my favourite matchups. Afaik there are no fillers nor schoolgirls (well at the start Ippo is still in school but he’s a “looser”, so there’s no interaction there, and he graduates in the first volume already).

Cowboy Bebop

The series is set in the future and tells about the adventures of the crew of the spaceship Bebop. It’s hard to describe the story here as it revolves around the past of most crewmembers and the present… I’ll cycle back to this when I have more time.

they are manga and anime, so they count lol
At least the original ones, i wouldn’t know about the last spinoffs.

Well, I had to be concise. I’ll be sure to be back tomorrow for this :laughing:

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Yay so I have seen 3 Anime/Manga even though thats still pretty sad I guess

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Well, I guess I’ll post my favorites. As has already been brought out, I don’t just watch anime because of the fact it is anime. It needs to be a good show for me to watch it. Same with western shows. I don’t understand that school-girl-demon-fighting craze. Otaku’s ruining things for everyone >.<

So here are my favorites.

Cowboy Bebop and Trigun (Staples. Seriously. If you watch anime you MUST watch those two. They are classics.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Watch Brotherhood. It follows the original manga which had a much better story, way more thought out than the original anime which went haywire halfway through, which makes sense since she had years to write the manga. Or, if you have the time, why not both?)


Code Geass (I hate the art style but the story was so well done. And that finale made up for all of the second seasons sins)

And lastly: Azumanga Daioh (Schoolgirls, but not the otaku-bikini-fighting-zombie-demons type. A funny show)

And movies:
Studio Ghibli
Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heavens Door

And in case anyone is wondering I never watched Adult Swim. Seriously, we didn’t have satellite/cable. If I feel the need to point out I saw all of those before they were popular does that make me a hipster? Because if so, I am so, so sorry. :’(

Edit: Clarification on Fullmetal.


Did you watch the show episode by episode? There is (almost) no filler. Each episode literally picks off exactly where the last lets off.


Wth I need 10 more chars…
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Gosick might be a good one, It’s basically a Victorian Sherlock Holmes with a little girl instead.
There’s also Valkyrie Chronicles which is a not bloody war anime, and it’s not hard on the eyes either

Outlaw Star and Gurren Lagann.

I’m highly doubting the intentions of this post, i’m sorry if i am wrong but i’m calling this a troll… FMA brotherhood contains no fillers and is entirely true to the manga. Maybe you’ve seen the first series, that one had some unrelated stuff… And @nekochan i highly reccomend it. I loved the first series of fma, but brotherhood is several times better!

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