What are some of your Favorite Mangas/Comics?

I felt we missed a thread for this @SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 if you feel there is another thread who are similar just merge them :wink:

My personal favorite are:
Death Note
+Anima (it is very cute :blush:)
Black Cat

There are some more but i can’t remember the name right now :slight_smile:

I mostly read web comics so all the ones i have here can be read for free :slight_smile:
Looking For Group
Order Of The Stick (This is most enjoyable if you know Pen and Paper Role play) @Raistlin you should Read this
Better Days (Completed)
Original Life (Sequel to Better days)

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Glares at @thorbjorn42gbf

Sandra And Woo
Order Of The Stick ( Glares at @thorbjorn42gbf again )
Bravest Warriors


No need to glare; OOTS is legitimately awesome. And has been, for it’s 10+ year run. :wink:

Other web/comics:
Dumbing of Age and its cousin Shortpacked
Penny Arcade

and of course, Calvin and Hobbes

Manga is really hit and miss with me, but I rather like Petshop of Horrors. In another genre entirely would be Five Star Stories.


nope, i think we’re good here… :+1:

a full decade of my youth just flashed before my eyes… thanks for that! :smile:


Maybe you might like this? :smile:


I’ve been re-reading them recently. They survive miraculously well into the present day; Calvin’s dad just looks increasingly like a luddite. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for September 22, 1993 - GoComics

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That just made my week! I was so sad when they stopped making Calvin and Hobbes

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He is angry at me for showing him because he became addicted :slight_smile:

I only read one manga, it’s called The Gamer. Fairly amusing.

As for webcomics I read a bit more, here’s a trimmed down version of the list with some of the less family friendly ones taken off, I think I got all of them. There’s nearly 20 I removed I think, I may have been a bit overzealous in sanitising it. So the list was trimmed to 50, nothing any worse then LFG.
Looking For Group
Grrl Power
What If
Leftover Soup
The Hero Business
League Of Super Redundant Heroes
Legend Of Bill
Dumbing of Age
Marry Me
Girl Genius
Zombie Roomie
Love and Capes
The Adventures of Gyno-Star
Order of the Stick
Questionable Content
Eerie Cuties
Dangerously Chloe
Sandra on the Rocks
Magick Chicks
Flaky Pastry
The Challenges Of Zona
Jump Leads
Average Joe
The Radicals
Dungeon Crawlers
Crazy Sunshine
Rusty and Co.
Times Like This
Poppy O’Possum
Atomic Laundromat
El Goonish Shive
Sandra and Woo
The Specialists

The ones I removed would start fairly mild like with LFG all the way up to some pretty dark stuff, like enough graphic violence to make an R rating seem lenient. I’m a firm believer in all fiction and knowledge being potentially useful for design, it has yet to be proven wrong. All the way from bad kim possible fanfics to studies on german pranking societies or ancient egyptian studies of the medical benefits of shock therapy it can be useful.

[size=5]Actually I just read a lot.[/size]

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saved. for. all. times.


Oh @SteveAdamo i have one comic i am not quite sure if it is family friendly enough (it is a bit on the border i think) could i get you to take a look?

well, just dont post any pictures… :wink:

if you post the name, just give a little warning before someone “googles”… :+1:

And here it is
Go Get a Roomie :exclamation: (Warning Contains mild nudeness and sexual references)
It isn’t dark or anything i just don’t wan’t to break any rules :slight_smile:

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My favorite one:


Very Stonehearth appropriate; Team Radiant approves. :wink:


But they are the best ones!!!

You heard it here first folks!!! Team Radiant supports pollution and global warming!

I am just going to say this:
Who wouldn’t love a series where this is a thing :slight_smile:

What comic is that from?

Ok!! i’ll check it! now that i’m up to date with LFG i don’t have much left to read, and it seems fun just looking at the little guys xD.

And for my faouvorite managas/comics… i’m more into manga than comics (although i love LFG xD it’s really hilarious) my top can be:

  1. Fullmetal alchemist (I don’t have enough words to describe how much i love this manga)
  2. Once piece (thuis series it’s just… brilliant)
  3. Death Note (but i didn’t like the end very much, still the 26 first chapters are a wonderfull)
  4. Strongest disciple in history Kenichi.

I read much more manga, but those are my favourite; And i watch anime too, but this is not the post to talk about it xD; Comics… mmmm i never had the chance to start reading them, but i’m sure there’s great comics out there.

I also remember calvin and hobbes, it was one of my childhood comics with mafalda and snoopy… but i remember calvin and hobbes because it had really deep messages in some comics, and it had more text than others, and i love to read ^^

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Who doesn’t?

This is filler