All of the Fandoms. All of them

Seeing as I have finally put in enough effort into creating an account, I may as well go a bit further, and create a topic.

So, what (if any) Fandoms do you guys belong to?

Lets also try not to hate each other based on our fandoms. Instead, lets hate each other based on our personalities.

Allow me to start, I am a:

  • Homestuck
  • Third generation Whovian
  • Wayward Son
  • Sherlockian
  • Bro (to a lesser degree)
  • Browncoat
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You will surely appreciate my new gravatar of myself playing the character Ood the Viking?

  • Trekkie
  • Star Wars (no cute name?)
  • Browncoat
  • Whovian
  • Whedonism

Five is a good number :smile:

/me Casually adds Browncoat


There are a lot that I’m a follower of, but some of the larger ones/ones that I plug to other people:
Doctor Who
Pokemon (NOT the anime. Can’t stand it, but near-encyclopedia for the games)
Ava’s Demon (webcomic with fantastic art)

and probably more that I’ll end up adding when I see other people say them and I remember.
Edit(s): yup, see I was right. How could I not have Monty Python in that list? I own the boxset of Flying Circus, all the movies, Monty Python Fluxx and a shirt or two…

can i claim to be a browncoat, even though i had no idea what they were before @system mentioned it?

being a diehard FireFly fan, i have that right… yes? wait, isnt there a paradox in there somewhere?

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Perfectly alright, I’m in the same boat.

Why aren’t there an fandoms for Cows these days anymore?

Probably something to do with the Bacon Regime

Christ where to begin

Red dwarf
Monty Python
Star Wars
The walking Dead
Game of thrones
Any Tarantino films
Various games and comics

Okay, adding Monty Python and Tarantino films is just dumb.

After all, everyone’s a fan.

And yes, the same could be said of Guilermo Del Toro films.

Someone needed to say it

True enough, true enough.

Apologies, I occasionally forget that its rather hard to convey a joking nuance through only a few words of text. My comment was more intended to agree with yours in a joking manor.

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you are forgiven
For when the long night falls we must all stand together
Winter is coming sir Cam of house Ron