My (pretty bad) form of Fan Art

Any ideas for some fan art I should draw( I’m pretty bad…)


He looks kind of sad :worried:

But it’s well done (you don’t know how I wish I could draw proportions so right).

I can probably make him happy :smiley:

Edit: all done, nice and happy!

Edit 2: also, any thoughts on my next drawing, will add to main title

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I am extremely cynical so I rather not say anything…

I have been insulting my awful drawing most of the way through the ‘introduction’

It is better my opinions stay in a buried locked, dark closet…

I’ve just realised how awful it looks…

It’s scruffy, messy, and rather childish-looking…

I’ll make some better fan art tomorrow…


Just show the Fan-Art to us! We don’t want to be kept in suspense!

I did!

Read @Newf’s responses, I’m working on one a little less atrocious…

Oh, it seems like you deleted that . . . thing you call a Dwarf.

Yeah, I’m working on a slightly better( hopefully) farmer