What are some of your favorite anime series?


Still need to watch more of it. I’ll watch it when I finish Attack on Titan in a few nights.


Black Star is a character from Soul Eater. It’s not the name of a show. Sorry about the confusion.

Anyways, I highly recommend it to anyone on here. Watch past the first three episodes, and you will be hooked on it, I can almost guarantee it.

Watched it. Not the greatest, but I enjoyed it.


shin sekai yori


Netflix, Hulu (ads up the ass), and Crunchy roll. Binge watch. nao


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood would have to be a favorite of mine.

It was better then the first series in my opinion, and went into more detail then the first as well.

Another would be Attack on Titan, due to the beautiful art, story, and characters. However, I warn you; you better not get too clingy to some characters as they get eaten, and killed in other ways!


Not quite done yet, but most of my favorites are still around. :smiley:


Don’t know if we’ve done this yet for the thread, but thought I’d bring it up. What’s your favorite anime character?

Aaaaand go! (jumps out of the way)


Probably Light Yagami from Death note, but Prof. Stein from Soul Eater is quickly catching up.


He reminds me more of a certain crazy Sowing Life Alchemist from FMA & FMA:B, especially if you watch the english dubs. If that’s not an obvious enough hint, they’re both voiced by the same person in the english dubs! :smiley:


Haven’t seen FMA yet…


You haven’t watched them?! Dang man, you need to. They are probably two of my favorite animes period(at the very least in the top 5 animes for me), and I used to love Code Geass for the longest time before I watched them.


I have to finish Attack on Titan(only like 5 episodes left), Soul Eater, and Log Horizon before I start anything else…


I guess if you have to wait…

I know everyone loves FMA:B over the original, but I usually recommend watching the original first, mostly because it’s a tight, quick version and honestly portrays the main characters as slightly more intelligent. Once you get into the understanding of how the show works, FMA:Brotherhood expands on the premise of the first one and is able to give more characters time to develop.


It’s on my list, I’ll watch it eventually. :smile:


:open_mouth: Female titan plot twist!


[quote=“zippy611, post:400, topic:2674, full:true”]
Female titan plot twist![/quote]
Is one of the worst… :smiley:
Wait 'til the second season will arrive… :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Andrew91, post:392, topic:2674”]
What’s your favorite anime character?[/quote]
I think, there are just too many good characters to pick one and each and every one of them also have some issues. But right now I would choose Shogo Makishima from Psycho Pass ^^
He is just a perfect example for the charismatic evil…


If you have watched all of Death Note, and was disappointed by the ending like I was, watch this: How Light Could Have Beaten Near (Alternate Ending)
This will forever be the ending I remember. :smiley:


That…or, you know, it ends even better with the death of…you know who, and we completely skip on the Near saga with Light.


Yeah, Death Note is a perfect example for a story blind alley.
"I want a good ending, but the evil evil person is just too powerful… so let’s destroy everything with bad telling!"
It’s like the Talk-No-Jutsu in Naruto :smiley:


could you make that a actual spoiler since its hard not to read it without giving it a spoiler