Veranus Leather ideas


Have you guys considered creating a seperate armor set created from Veranus Leather?
This would be better than the ‘normal’ leather armor, but would leave you more agile than steel for example.
Something that could be beneficial to, say, archers, when they get implemented.

In addition, I think it’d look wicked :smiley:

Keep up the good work!



Hey there @Deinara, welcome to the Discourse! I think this is a great idea, especially as (at the moment) all Vernaus Leather is good for is selling. Going to ping @Tom to see this, as well as @sdee.

its also used in the courage tonics… :wink:

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Serves me right for responding to this before I played dev-2807…oh, the joys of being sick… :frowning:


Hey, thanks for the welcome!
I haven’t actually bought the game, but I’ve been following the development for a few months, so I figured it might be time to create an account by now.

Thanks for getting the right people in here, maybe the idea will eventually become something.



sounds like when I was talking about how water works after apparently waterfalls were added lol

@Deinara I’m actually hoping stonehearth is one of those games that actually goes down a more accurate path than most games. in real life, the reason archers didn’t wear full-plate steel wasn’t because they couldn’t move well with it (in reality, archers have better arm strength than most other troops, so they shouldn’t have any trouble with armour anyway), but because of the limit in resources. instead of giving it to the archer who is hopefully hundreds of meters away from any source of danger, footmen and knights are in constant danger, so they need it more. the reason chainmail was made first was because chainmail is very protective while requiring easily half as much iron as, say, a breastplate. it’s not more “agile” (it’s actually less agile than plate armour, surprisingly). if europe had tons and tons of iron, archers would be in suits of armour, too. I’m hoping this game will allow players to make decisions based on what they have available - is it better to suit up your archer in some extra steel plates? or is it better to wait until tomorrow to get an extra knight and suit him up? do you even have enough materials to suit your entire army? and what about that village on that delicious-looking mountain? basically, it’s not very useful to suit your archers in full-plate, but if I have the resources to do so, I’d like to be able to do it.


@Ridesdragons That’s actually an interesting insight.
Logically it feels like you would be able to move better in leather compared to metal, but I’ve never heard the reason being resources.

Going the resource route, I think it’d be interesting still. You could create some leather armor because you’re all out of metal, but still want to give your military some kind of protection. But as enemies get tougher, you’d want to step up your leather game.

Thanks again for the bit of education


well, metal armour is technically heavier than leather armour. if you didn’t undergo any training, you could definitely walk around in leather armour for a bit (although not for long as it gets quite hot, quite fast. there’s no breathing room) with some mild inconveniences in movement, whereas you’ll have difficulty with something like full-plate. that said, that’s if you hadn’t undergone any training. the heaviest platemail in history weighed about as much as a modern soldier’s backpack, and that’s placed all over the body instead of solely on the back. if you’re trained to use heavy armour, you won’t have any issues moving around in the armour. if you happened to be rather strong, even without training you’d probably have an easier time moving with full-plate than leather. while it’s heavy, it’s also rather loose, as opposed to various light armours which are much closer to the body. in history, there were troops that were primarily ranged that utilized heavy armour, but they were, for the most part, siege troops (not like catapult men, but troops that specialize in defending or taking castles. italy had crossbowmen who used giant deployable shields, for example), and high-ranking at that. also, that’s towards the later period of the middle ages. of course, they typically were also trained in melee fighting as well, and it was usually the crossbowmen who were equipped as such, so it was often expected that at some point they will be fighting on the front-lines, but even so, they were quite well-armed and didn’t have issues doing their job with the heavier gear.

sorry for the walls of text, I’m a history buff when it comes to WWII and medieval history, especially around warfare, and I tend to nerd out whenever such topics come up. which, considering the apparent time-period of this game, is actually quite often lol.


No worries about the walls of text, really. Paragraphing would maybe help, but I’m happy you’re willing to type it out already.
I can imagine that you can respond quite often with comments regarding combat, as that’s the thing the devolopers are working on right now.

Also, I hadn’t even considered how hot leather armour would get. I don’t like heat too much myself, so I could imagine sweating right out of that suit.
I guess we’ll have to see how ‘multifunctional’ our combat units will become, don’t we. Maybe we can pack them with a crossbow, an awesome battleaxe, big shield, full plate armour… :smiley: